Soccer Sunday 4/11/10

4:59 PM
Sunday is the day we all gather for soccer. At first I was a little hesitant about making the switch from Saturday games to Sunday games. However, it's proving to be less disruptive to our weekend.

This is Kaden's fourth year playing soccer. He really enjoys it. His Dad was an excellent player, so it was inevitable he would dabble in the sport.

I think what makes Soccer Sunday so enjoyable is the fact that Kaden has a wonderful support system. Our family is the loudest and most colorful at each game. We cheer for the team, and not just Kaden. Even if we have to travel far to see a game, we know at least one representative will be there to cheer him on.

Last Sunday, Kaden's Dad asked him how many goals he was going to make in the game. He replied immediately with, "Four!"

Did he real his goal?

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