EYE can't wait to use everLASHing by Verseo.

9:03 PM
Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon a contest on Facebook for a health and beauty company called Verseo. The details were simple: become a fan, join the discussion, and recommend a name for their mystery product. Simply enough, right?! I thought so, and I wasted no time submitting my idea.

The product proved to be an eyelash growth stimulator. I decided on the name "everLASHing". I wanted a name that focused on the obvious, was catchy, and made sense. As it turns out, the wonderful people of Verseo loved my name and chose me as the winner.

So, what does this mean for me? Well, I won't give Brooke Shields a run for her money anytime soon, but I can keep my bragging rights for now. Verseo has included me on the new website dedicated to their latest product. Check-out the everLASHing website here.

Not only did I create the name for this product, but I will actually use it as well. Beginning soon, I am going to put everLASHing to the test. For a month, I will attempt to document the growth of my lashes. If you want to put your eyelashes to the test, order your everLASHing today.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, long and beautiful eyelashes are the curtains. I cannot wait to redesign my look.

To be continued...

Disclosure: I will receive FREE everLASHing from Verseo. The opinions in this post are soley those of mine and do not reflect those of Verseo.

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