Am I living with Diggy Simmons?

5:37 PM
My son is a rapper.

I stumbled upon this talent as I flipped through the pages of his infamous "green notebook". There it was -lying on the living room floor in all its doodle glory. What started out as a daily journal (appropriately titled "My Life at School") soon turned into a book of lyrical prose.

It felt like an invasion of privacy as I read the combination of misspelled words and grammatically incorrect sentences (he can thank his amateur, blogging mama for that). But at eight years of age, there is no such thing as privacy, so technically I own the rights to his songs (call me MOMager). Besides, if you don't want to have your words discovered, choose a more inconspicuous color for a notebook. Green will get you noticed in a living room full of neutrals.

I must say I was impressed with the subject of his songs. A song titled "24", talks about the Earth and the creations on land. Check out this verse (verbatim);

There's 24 ailens in the sky
I hope they don't now fly
cause there here there here
There comeing down they in the sky
could the hurt the humen nature

Maybe Jigga (that's Jay-Z to you) won't come knocking anytime soon, but I'm the Mommy, and I think it's wonderful. I mean "humen nature"? Who says that? Only a genius would, and his name is not Lil' Wayne (although even he managed to father a slew of children with seemingly smart women and actually get away with it).

I feel like I'm living with Diggy Simmons. He is one of three sons from the hit reality television series, "Run's House" on MTV. He recently inked a deal with Atlantic records. Check out the video:

This could be just another one of my son's creative outlets, but I welcome it completely. We are conditioned to steer our children on paths that point towards becoming a doctor or lawyer, or some other common career.

I would like to see my son become a master of his craft. If by chance he is destined to become a rapper, well, I'll be sure to keep a bar of soap in my purse. He is never to old to have his mouth washed out with it. Until then, I'll keep plenty of sharpened pencils around in case he decides to pen a chart-topper. autographs!

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