Bargain Shopping at Old Navy

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Old Navy is one of my favorite stores. I shop there often. There is always something in the store that can suit the needs of at least one member in my family. The prices are affordable, the styles are versatile, and there are several locations I can choose from. What can I say? Old Navy just does it for me.

I'm sure you've heard about the site. If you haven't, you've just been warned. Each week, this site is updated to include valuable coupons that are hidden in various places on the page. It is your job to uncover the savings. There are plenty of coupons to go around, you just have to visit early and often.

(For your chance to win one of these fabulous $50 off of $100 coupons, visit the Youthful Tips blog to enter the giveaway. Ends 2/15)

I am never lucky enough to snag one of the $50 off of $100 coupons. However, I found a few blogs that offered this wonderful coupon in a giveaway. I was fortunate to win one the other day. Here is what I purchased with my coupon:

The picture is not all that great. Here is what I purchased;

Lace-Trim V-Neck Camis in White, Brown, and Yellow

3 @ $2 a piece

Sweetheart Destructed Skinny Jeans in blue and black denim

1 @ $12.49, 1 @ $15.49

Boys Sports-Graphic Fleece Hoodie


Boys Pisque-Mesh Track Pants


2-in-1 Pop-Culture Graphic Tees

2 @ $4.99

Women's Faux-Leather Boots in black


Women's Ruched Leggings

2 @ $4.97 each

I spent a total of $56 after the coupon. I thought I did a great job finding bargains. I never miss when I go to Old Navy.

Tell me, do you find the best bargains when you go shopping? Do you use store coupons to save a lot of money?

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  1. I love Old Navy and you did great with the bargains. I have one of those blogs with 10 winners getting $50 off. It only has 4 entries so far so your chances are great in winning! Thanks!

  2. Thanks you so much for the information. I really am in love with Old Navy. They always have something.

    I am heading over to your site to see if I can try my luck again.

    Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate that as I'm hoping if I can get a big enough response, they'll let me have more of these giveaways although I want one of the coupons! :( $50 in free clothes...can't beat that! I never win on the site.


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