Simplify My Life with an HP Mini and Windows 7

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Mom Bloggers Club is hosting a wonderful sweepstakes on their site. It's called the "Simplify My Life" Sweepstakes, and the winners will each receive their very own HP Mini 110 with Windows 7 Starter. To enter, you must be a member of the Mom Bloggers Club, at least 18 years of age, and a resident of the US or Canada to enter. Deadline for entries is January 20, 2010 at midnight ET.

Here is my story (Points in red describe how I would simplify my life):

"What to wear?," I say out loud with an accompanying sigh. I am standing in front of my closet, which for the most part has tons of outfit options, but the choice of colors is slim to none.

"Black skirt. Black blouse. Black tights. pumps! That ought to do the trick."
(I keep up with the latest trends by visiting all the style websites)

I'm feeling rather accomplished today. Besides hitting the snooze button only once, I have managed to get through my morning rituals without interruption. I am the only person up, and I owe it all to a 2-hour delay at my son's school. For once, the treacherous weather conditions are on my side.
(Able to check the computer for updated information about delays and closings)

Normally, my entire family (all 3 of us) wake at the same time. We have to cleverly schedule shower time, teeth-brushing time, beauty-prepping time (that would be me), and can't-I-just-chill-on-the-porcelain-for-a-bit time. This makes for a very interesting morning. After all, life without chaos is boring, but it would sure be nice to send chaos a "you're uninvited" invite for a few days out of the week...especially on Monday.
(I like to send electronic invitations when I am hosting an event.)

With the added time, I dare to try a new omelet recipe. I am trying to eliminate my visits to a fast food joint on the way to work. I figure I could loosen my wallet and tighten my belt if I stopped eating out so much. Now, I just have to execute the recipe correctly or the entire family will be making a trip to the emergency room to cure food poisoning.
(There are great recipes to find and print online.)

In no time the omelet is done. I wake my son so that he can hit the shower, and strive to beat the bus to the driveway instead of it being the other way around. As he wastes time takes a shower, I am fumbling under the couch to find his missing soccer cleat and sorting through the laundry basket to find a matching pair of socks. With my luck, I won't find either.

I yell, "Wait, is there even soccer practice today?"
(I can check my email when the coaches send out a schedule)

No one answers as my thoughts compete with the halting brakes of the school bus passing through the neighborhood. The morning has revisited a familiar place...tardiness. The clock is still ticking, and I am nowhere near ready. I completely forgot I was scheduled to visit company head quarter's today, and there is a reported 5-mile back-up on the highway I would use to make it there.
(Google Maps is my savior. I use it all the time when I am lost or need to take a detour)

Panic sets in, and I begin calling on God for the most frivolous things:

"Dear God, please don't let my tights have a hole in them."
"I pray the accident has cleared before I leave for work."
"Oh my God, where is my cellphone?!"
"Jesus Kaden, can you move any faster than that?"
"Oh Dear Lord, where are my car keys? They were in my purse last night."
(Several websites provide words of wisdom, meditation, and spiritual guidance when you are feeling stressed)

With minutes to spare, I plant a kiss on Kaden's forehead, scoot him out the door as the bus pulls up, then return to my bedroom to get dressed for work. And then it finally hits me...

Lying there on the bed are my clothes. All black. All simple. Just right. My red pumps are peeking just slightly from under the bed. In a very organized fashion, I put on each piece of clothing - the tights, the blouse, the skirt, the pumps.
A quick glance in the mirror solidifies my thoughts.

Simplicity comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether it be an all-black ensemble, or a mini computer, it all depends on how you accessorize your life that makes you stand-out. Like my red shoes, the HP Mini 110 with Windows 7 would be the 'umph' to my technological wardrobe. It would bring together my world and make me get noticed. Even though the world is full of a variety of laptops (regular laptop/black outfits), it is the accessory (HP Mini with Windows 7/red pumps) that makes one stand-out in the crowd.

I could easily "Simplify My Life" with an HP Mini and Windows 7. Heck, let's start with a cute purse to carry the HP mini. A girl has to find a way to be fashionable and functional, right?!


Leave a comment on THIS post. Mom Bloggers Club will randomly give away three (3) HP Mini 110-1100 by Studio Tord Boontje PCs to readers who leave a comment on entrants' sweepstakes posts. Reader winners will be randomly drawn using and will be based on the order in which bloggers enter the sweepstakes and post on Twitter. Winners will be announced on Friday, January 29, 2010.

By participating in the promotion, I certify that no intellectual property rights were violated, with the exception of verbatim inclusion of the provided messaging, photos, or video. All content is owned by me.


  1. I love the metaphors you used throughout your post! Especially comparing your red pumps to the HP mini 110 as the bold, eye catching accessory! The HP 110 mini would help me simplify life but allowing me to just grab it and go! As a Mom whose always on the go, I barely have time to put on lipgloss, let alone pack up a traditional sized laptop! Because of it's small portable size, it seems like so much less of a hassle to carry around than a "traditional" laptop!

  2. I love your post Keonte! I too could use a mini to simplify my life. There are so many times when I need to be on the go but I have things to be doing on my computer. The HP Mini would certainly make that easier for me!

  3. I could really use a HP mini! I am an extremely busy mom of two teenage sons and am constantly on the go. This computer is so portable, I could take it where ever I go.

  4. I love how you tell it like it is Keonte, and you're still oh-so-fahionable-about it! Good Luck to you! I blogged & entered, too!
    This HP 100 Mini netbook would be a blessing to our family, as we only have one old desktop to share amongst our family of 7. We rely heavily on spreadsheets, lists,email and schedules, etc. to streamline our day to day activities, and the portability of the HP 100 mini would make it so effortless and stylish. Plus, mobile computing would be perfect to pass the time--when time seemingly stands still--like when waiting in a doctor's office!

    Good Luck!

  5. It would simplify my life because it's an easy to take on the go device. It can jump in the car with us and act as a dvd player or I can jump online during a road trip at the hotel or when we stop to eat. Much nicer then dragging my laptop around.

  6. A mini would definitely simplify my life because I wouldn't have to lug around that heavy laptop anymore! And it would fit inside my handbag instead of being so conspicuous in a carry around laptop bag. And besides, you don't always want to carry your laptop with you but leaving it in the car is a direct invitation to thieves to break in and steal it. Being able to carry it in my purse is a major advantage!

  7. One of the best posts I've read!! Just had to share, ya know. Not that I'm judging or anyone is asking my opinion or anything, but just saying, I think your post is fabulous!

  8. I enjoyed the blog very much! it reminded me of my mornings with my four daughters and the crazyness that goes on in the morning's Thank You! :-) very well written

  9. oh...I love it. Man I would give my right arm to win this.

  10. LOL, I want one but I'd like to keep both arms in trying to win one!! I'm mom of 7 (ages 4 through 30) and grandma to 2 1/2. Involved in gymnastics, swimming, scouts, adoption networking, blogging and more. I can use all the help I can get with simplification!

    Thanks for the chance and good luck to all!


  11. I would like to have a small computer like this to be able to take anywhere for everyday tasks.

  12. I like your post and I like red pumps!
    I have to do a lot of traveling and I use a friend's extra laptop while I'm on the road. It would be great if I didn't have to use his and didn't have to carry such a big thing through airport security!

  13. I would LOVE to organize and simplify my life. This Mini HP would be all mine and I wouldn't have to share it with anyone else in the house that would be my first YIPPPEEE :)

  14. Hey! Visiting from Mom Bloggers Club!
    This is such a great giveaway! I would love to simplify my life too!
    So many moms could benefit from this!
    I just love your blog title! We homeschool, so I can relate completely!
    God bless!

  15. Something this small would be really convenient for me since I need a computer for work and it is light enough to take on the bus which I use to commute every day. I could check e-mails & bills on my commute. My old laptop was actually stolen recently so I would love a new one! Good luck!

  16. Hey, I just noticed the commenter above me had her laptop stolen! I had my desktop stolen 2 days after Christmas! We should join forces!

  17. Wonderful post Keonte'! Love the fashionable way your created your post!

    The HP Mini 110 would make my life simplifier because I would not have to be chained to my desktop and could move freely around my home.

    prpldy (at) comcast dot net

  18. Good luck! It would be nice to have a mini to help you with all that!

  19. Good luck!
    A mini would help me, too. 2 kids, 2 different schools, plus the hectic special ed schedule for my son (he has autism)...
    Being able to work (my work is submitted online) from the mini would help me make money on days I can't get home...

  20. I could use an HP Mini for when I am on the go. I have a daughter who does dance and girl scouts and a son who plays football and basketball. I would love to have a nice, compact computer to bring with me to practices to stay up to date with all the things I am involved in!

  21. I entered too..oh how I would love to own a sweet sweet mini! TO be able to have a mini to call my very own. No more fighing for computer time!
    Good luck to both of us:)
    modernmom at rocketmail dot com

  22. It would be so convenient to have a netbook, and this one is so pretty.

  23. I was looking at the HP mini Tord and Windows 7 and love all the features of both. The laptop is beautiful and Windows 7 features would really simplify my life. I love that it has a large HD and it has quick access features to find the files I need. And there is fast web surfing.


  24. An HP Mini would be so nice to have while on the go.
    Good Luck
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  25. I would love to make my life simple

    I would also love to win the HP


  26. A great entry! Maybe we will both win
    the HP. :)

  27. I would love to win this mini. It would definitley help organize and simplify my life.
    deanenpr at

  28. It would be so great to win this! So lovely to get away from the desk and experience true freedom!

  29. I would love an HP mini! It would definitely simplify my life!

    Good Luck!

  30. an HP Mini 110 would simplify my life in ways that I can not even spell, lol

    good luck to you and me ;)

  31. Man my life could use some simplifying! I would love to be able to write my blog posts on the go or during lunch breaks. Now if the HP Mini 110 could help me get my daughter to sleep through the night, I would be in LOVE (even more!)

  32. This would be great! I'd love to be able to work on the go, like while I'm waiting for the kids to finish piano or dance lessons.

    ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

  33. I would love to win this. It simplify my life so much! Good luck!

  34. Great post! Very creative. I'd love one of these because they're so portable - and small enough to fit in my purse! That would be so handy since I'm addicted to the computer!

    ebickell at hotmail dot com


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