Dear Lego...My Son is a Genius

12:28 AM
Dear Lego,

My son is brilliant. Since the ripe age of...very young, he has taken a strong liking to your product. He never ceases to amaze me. His ability to piece together each Lego is extremely effortless. In fact, I don't think I could do what he does.

For Christmas, he received the Highway Transport. As you know, this particular model is geared toward ages 9-12 and contains 1294 pieces. In a matter of three days (in between playing with a slew of other toys brought by Santa and other family members), my son managed to complete the Highway Transport. Having recently turned 8, I would say this is rather impressive.

Here is a picture of him with his complete project:

He is absolutely amazing!

If you are listening, reading, browsing, or whatever, please invite our family to visit LegoLand in California. Yes I know I am being ridiculous, but I feel like we Kaden has earned a trip to your park. If for some reason I am in a daze, and you want to smack me back into reality, well feel free to do so with a few tickets to the park.

We'll be here when you are ready.

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