Christmas is Officially Over

8:26 PM that we said goodbye to our Christmas tree today (don't gasp). It was extremely hard to part. For weeks, the tree stood confidentally in the corner with its branches adorning beautiful ornaments. There were joyous twinkles from the several strands of lights we I was forced put on the tree. Altogether, the Christmas tree will be greatly missed.

As I was removing gifts from under the tree (which were mainly Kaden's gifts), I found my present that Kaden made for me. It was the first gift I opened on Christmas morning. The night before, he locked himself in his room. I knew something creative was taking place when I saw him trucking through the kitchen to his bedroom with tape, scissors, glue, and construction paper.

Here is what he was up to:

I melted completely. You can bet I cried. I cry for everything. Kaden wrote inside the card (exactly as written):

"I love you. Your the best. I hope you have a wonderful Chirstmas. Love: Kaden. You can do anything. I love you."

It took a whole two minutes to regroup from this special gift I received. It warmed my heart. These are the moments that I look forward to on Christmas day.

I would like to give a big "thank you" to our Christmas tree for protecting all the love that was planted in each and every gift under its branches. I can't wait to do it all over again.


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