I'm a Wrapper

12:41 PM
Watch out Jay-Z and Lil Wayne! On second thought, let's leave the rapping to you guys. I'm simply talking about wrapping, as in Christmas paper.

As most couples do, Ian and I share different beliefs and traditions when it comes to Christmas. I grew-up in a large household where there were several children. It was only logical to wrap every present. Otherwise, we would have no clue which gift belonged to who.

Ian, on the other hand, only had to share with his two siblings. They left certain presents unwrapped to give the illusion that Saint Nick had made a stop during the night, and left their wish-list wants. This is something Ian wants to do for Kaden.

I remember one Christmas Eve, once Kaden had gone to bed, I sat on the floor wrapping gifts. I was on a roll. Ian came out to join me, but immediately interrupted my assembly line.

"What are you doing? Why are you wrapping all of his gifts?"

I gave him a look as if I was puzzled. I should have scratched my head, but I'm sure there was way too much tape on my fingers to do so. "Ummmm, what do you mean? It's Christmas."

"You need to leave the presents out that he actually asked Santa Claus to bring him."

"Oh yeah...right!"

I was totally thrown. This was not the way I had done Christmas as a child. I liked the idea of having a child rip through dollar store paper, and toss it aimlessly across the room. The excitement in their eyes was so worth all the trouble of folding corners, taping, cutting endlessly, taping, etc.

Wouldn't you like to know that I actually compromised. Now, we spend all our time wrapping his birthday presents, and only wrap a few of the Christmas presents. Makes sense, huh?

So, what Christmas traditions does your family have? Do you have to blend traditions to reach a compromise?


  1. I have noticed other people talk/ask about this. We always had all of our gifts wrapped as children and we wrap them all now. I agree that watching them tear through the paper with excitement is well worth all the trouble we go through to wrap it all!
    I buy my kids (I have 3) all matching pajamas that they open on Christmas Eve after we get home from a family gathering. They wear their pajamas that night and when they wake up, they are all matching in their new pj's. I just started this 2 years ago but I do love it.

  2. We are wrappers too in my family, but we do leave one big present each out that is from 'Santa'.
    Everything else gets wrapped up.
    This has been a tradition since I was a kid so makes sense I pass it on to my children :)

  3. We do the compromise thing, too. We wrap presents and leave out some. Some are wrapped'from Santa.' I just noticed though that my daughter knows my handwriting so I had to 'forge' Santa's signature LOL.

    I'm a Christmas felon!!!

  4. i did not wrap Santa's presents!!

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