I'm a FiOS Fan

2:13 PM

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In life, there are essentials. For every person, this will mean something completely different. Although I consider myself to be down-to-earth, there are a few items that I cannot would not like to live without. Here is my short list (in no particular order):
  • Family
  • Father (Son and Holy Spirit)
  • Friends
  • Food
  • Fun
  • Fios
I know that FiOS sounds completely ridiculous, but I can almost guarantee you would feel like the world was coming to an end if you could not catch-up on the latest reality show (cable), connect to the internet (internet), or not be able to talk to your BFF on the phone (phone). That, my friends, is how FiOS made it on the list.  

If you visit the site, you can see my featured customer testimonial.

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