Team Mom Review: K'Nex 400 PC Tub

At any given moment, you can walk through our house and step on a tiny piece of plastic that will ultimately belong to Kaden. He loves to build, and he is great at it. So, you can bet when Team Mom asked if we wanted to try-out the K'Nex 400 Pieces Tub, I happily obliged.

When the K'Nex 400 Pieces Tub arrive, Kaden could barely contain his excitement. I had no problem getting him to complete his homework because he knew he had to in order to play with the K'Nex. Why was he so excited to play with his new K'Nex 400 PC Tub? It may have to do with these features:
  • Kids are not limited to just the models in the book. They can use their imagination to build whatever they are inspired to build.
  • Works with other brands, like Lego.
  • Great Value: 400 pieces; building ideas for 20 different models; storage tub
  • There is lots of movement in the models - wheels on the cars, propeller on airplanes, ferris wheel and merry-go-round spin. Therefore, there is a lot of after-building play.
What I liked most about the K'Nex 400 PC Tub:
  • The endless possibilities. Kaden was entertained for hours. He was so creative.
  • The storage tub. The clean-up process was easy - just toss the pieces back in the tub.
  • The flexibility. Kaden enjoyed creating a truck that moved. He played with his creation afterwards.
  • The price. Although this product was provided free-of-charge, the suggested price is $20.99.
What I did not like about the K'Nex 400 Piece Tub:
  • Some of the pieces are extremely tiny. If Kaden and Mariah decided to play with their collection together, I would have to keep an extreme eye on Mariah (and Kaden for that matter) so that they would not swallow the pieces.
  • The directions. I could not distinguish some of the pieces on the instructions. It could be me. Kaden had no problem figuring it out...and he's 20 years younger than him mom. LOL

    Mariah also enjoyed piecing together her Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection building set. Watch her in action:

    She felt like a big girl because she had a toy similar to Kaden. The pieces were perfect for her little hands.

    Here are more details on the Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection Building Sets:
    • Parts are big and chunky so they are easy for small hands to handle. 
    • Lots of developmental benefits such as physical, social/emotional, language, and cognitive skills.
    • Lots of parts so kids can build and rebuild over and over again.
    Overall, K'Nex are an excellent addition to your child's creative play. I tried K'Nex a few years ago, but had no idea how great of a toy they would become. If your child loves K'Nex, why not share it with the world?

    "Make a K'NEXion" Video Contest
    • You could win $1000 worth of K'NEX Building Sets and be featured on their website
    • Video must show your child's building skills using a K'NEX product
    • Contest ends December 7, 2009
    • Post the video on your own blog or website and submit the link with a completed entry form, including your name, age, email address, and phone number to
    • Must be at least 30 seconds long, but no longer than 3 minutes.
    • Must include the K'NEX 400 PC Tub or Sesame Street Building Sets.
    • For more information, visit for details.

    I was not provided monetary compensation for writing this post. I was given the product FREE of charge to facilitate my review thanks to TEAM MOM. Opinions expresses are my own.

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