Wordless Wednesday - So Long Soccer

All pictures are courtesy of Aunt Kinsey.

Soccer season is not over...but it is for me. I have to work three weekends in a row and will be unable to watch Kaden's last soccer games. It's been a great season with Kaden scoring tons of goals and being a great team player.

Goodbye soccer. Mama is going to miss ya!


  1. It's tough not being able to be there for them. Hope he has a great season finish.

  2. I am loving the mohawk that your son is sporting. He looks too cute in his soccer uniform. I know you are going to miss being at his last few games. Hopefully someone can record them, or snap pictures, for you.

  3. You can always come to Marley's soccer matches, since I'm SO over them! I know, "Bad Mommy!"...lol! But it's chilly out now :(. I love Kaden's mohawk too, if I had a boy, I'd hope he'd wanna rock that too!


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