MomDot Really Rocks

6:56 PM

I won an iRobot.

I did not enter a giveaway on a blog. I did not fill out an entry form for a  sweepstakes. I simply contributed to a great community called MomDot.

If you didn't hear about the great That's iNGENIOUS Challenge that took place last month, visit the site to find out further details. There was a summit held in July where 9 of the top bloggers were invited to collaborate and share their ideas on how to make life just a little better, efficient, and easier.

These 9 women were given the title of LeadHers. They all, in their own right, have influenced, shaped, and/or contributed tremendously to the blogosphere. I joined the efforts of the MomDot community, which is lead by the great Trisha Haas. She runs her own blog, MomDot, and houses a great community, forum, and other opportunities for bloggers.

I decided to join the MomDot community because I knew there would be an assortment of ideas. Everyone is so unique on the forum. It took no time at all to start brainstorming and tackling on thoughts to other ideas already formed. Over a few weeks, the MomDot community was able to generate page after page of ideas. I literally could not turn my brain off. I kept a notepad by my bed and jotted down any thoughts that seeped in and out of my head. I guess it paid off tremendously.

I opened my email and discovered that MomDot was the winner of the That's iNGENIOUS Challenge. The awesome Kadi Prescott from Womb at the Innsane had the winning idea called Motherhood Matches. For all the hardwork and effort from several members, the MomDot community was awarded $10,000 to donate to a wonderful cause known as Here you can help classrooms meet their needs by supporting them with a monetary donation. If there is one thing you need to know about Trisha Haas, it's the fact that she loves to give to charity. How rewarding is that for both parties?!

If you would like to join a community that is filled with real winners (not just of contests, giveaways, and  challenges) who love to chat, support, debate, and share all things blog and life, JOIN THE MOMDOT COMMUNITY and FORUM. Once you go MOMDOT, you never go back!

Be sure to follow Trisha on Twitter: @MomDotRocks.

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