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As a mother, I tend to gravitate toward products and services that provide convenience. I want to be able to use and access them whenever I chose to, and without hassle. I have found this with Fancast.

What is Fancast?
  • Fancast debuted in January 2008 and now has more than 10,000 hours of online video programming; with more than 60,000 videos available, including over 13,000 full-length shows
  • Fancast is not only an agnostic online video site, aggregating tv content from more than 100 sources, but Fancast has more TV extras than any other site including: pictorials, blogs, listings, live chats and Q&A's with stars, and much more.
  • Fancast is focused on being the premier place for TV viewing on the web.
I was surprised that I had not taken advantage of this service until it was brought to my attention by the One2One Network. I am normally in-the-know when it comes to the computer and pop culture, so you can bet I was amazed that Fancast offered some of the greatest TV shows and movies to view for FREE!

I watched a full episode of Glee in another window on the computer while I was catching-up on emails and blog posts. I was amazed at the other titles I found in the same section, such as the classic Growing Pains and my favorite, Grey's Anatomy.  For all you soap fans, there was even a section for Guiding Light. All this, and I was on the letter g.

If you are not sure where to begin, you can search your shows by an alphabetical listing of titles, by popular networks, or by the genre. It would take months to sort through all the great titles, but it sure is fun catching-up on the old and new.

What I like most about Fancast is the availability. It is like having a DVR (digital video recorder) at home, but without the cost. Several of the shows are updated to contain new episodes, so if you are a mother who cannot find the time to watch television or movies, Fancast is always there. And like me, you can multi-task while sitting at your desk.

Take a look at this Single Ladies clip from Glee and see for yourself how amazing Fancast is:

This is only a clip from this particular episode, but you have the option to embed it in it's entirety. You can even incorporate social media into the mix by posting to Facebook, Myspace, Plaxo, or Twitter. Try emailing a clip or episode to friends and family to provide a break from all the stresses of life.

Fancast has a load of options. You can check-out the latest News and Gossip, get a sneak peek at upcoming episodes of your favorite shows, watch trailers for newly released movies, or just get choose to watch whatever you desire. When I say the possibilities are endless, they really are.

I will say that the advertisements and commercials are a distraction. However, we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I learned that in my honors economics class years ago. In order to provide you with this FREE service, Fancast includes limited commercials while watching a selected episode.

I'll admit, I lost a couple hours from my day from being on Fancast. I started to watch the 1999 movie, Life, starring Martin Lawerence. I looked up and the time was gone. I was fully entertained, so to me, it was a fair trade-off for my time.

You can believe that Fancast will have you wanting more. No longer do you have to worry about missing your favorite show. No longer do you have to pay ridiculous monthly fees to watch a movie of your choice. No longer do you have to tape your favorite series only to find out you never taped it at all. Fancast is here to the rescue.


  1. Who knew?! Thanks for the info!!! I'm all over it.

  2. I was amazed when I was given information about this site. Now that I've found it, I'm wasting all my time there. LOL.


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