60 Days Until Christmas

8:53 PM

Christmas is here. Yup, I can confirm it. Just tonight Kaden and I saw a pumpkin resting just a few feet away from jolly ole St. Nick on the shelves at Walmart. It's funny how commercialized this holiday has become. We are all guilty to feeding into it. If you really wanted to follow tradition, you would haul tail to a manger and wait for three, wise men (or grandma and grandpa) to arrive with a gift. However, gas is too expensive, and I'm pretty sure camels are too. So, it's safe to say no one will be making this trip.

The problem we face during Christmas season is the fact that Kaden's birthday is the day before. There is so much excitement surrounding Christmas Eve, it just naturally spills over to Christmas...and the days to follow.

I enjoy the holidays. It means food, family, and fun. Last year was a little bitter sweet. I was not working, so I did not have a lot of money to buy gifts. This year, although I am working, I don't think that will change much.

After getting over the initial burden of being unable to afford Christmas (as if this should even be a burden) I decided it was okay to just say, "Merry Christmas" and hand-out a hug. It worked like a charm. I thought I had lost the Christmas spirit, but in actuality, I gained a new-found appreciation for the birth of Christ.
  • I learned that family is going to love you no matter what. 
  • I learned that gifts come in different forms (quality time, hugs, smiles)
  • I learned that you shouldn't go broke for a lifetime in order to celebrate 1 day. 
  • I learned that if you do decide to buy a gift, make sure it means more than just the idea of giving a gift. A $1 candle could have more value than a $100 pair of jeans. Know your recipient's heart. 
  • I learned that if you know Christ, you know that it is his day...everyday. 
However, kids don't quite get it. Take a look at Kaden at Walmart on his I-have-a-virus-so-I-should-go-shopping-for-a-toy expedition:

I was doing a little research to see what was on his radar. One should just assume Transformers will always be on the list.

Happy Halloween. Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. And whatever else is in between.

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  1. You are right, Christmas is SO much more than gifts and decorations. I hope to teach the true meaning & importance to my children young! I hope that your family has a great Christmas and that Kaden has a wonderful Birthday too!!



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