Sister, Sister

11:30 AM
Remember the old show starring Tia and Tamera Mowry? It was called Sister, Sister and I was a huge fan. I remember tuning in to see what kind of corky outfit they would sport, what type of drama they would be involved in, or if I would be able to distinguish one twin from the other. I also has a huge crush on Roger, played by Marques Houston from the former boy group, Immature.

Watching this show was not only entertaining, it was an escape. I couldn't help but notice the bond between these two sisters. There situation was a little more intensified because of their twin status. Tia and Tamera shared more than genetics...they had the same thoughts.

As I watched Mariah and Iyana play the other day, I could not help but notice their bond. There are times where Mariah cannot tolerate sharing the attention with her little sister. Then, there are times where she is so gentle and caring. This is one of those times:

How adorable are these two?! I can't wait to see what mess they'll get into as they grow older.

Well, I'll take that back...I can wait.

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