Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale

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 *The clothing in this post comes from the Gap or Gap Outlet.

I love the Gap. Plain and simple. For years they have provided my entire family with affordable, classic, and stylish pieces. I'll never forget when I purchased my first pair of Long and Lean jeans. I wore them so much they felt like couture because of the perfect fit for my body. I own several pairs of GAP jeans. They are my favorite, especially the 1969 collection.

My love for the Gap pales in comparison to my mom's passion for their fashion. She is a Gapaholic. From the day I told her I was pregnant, she was filling the closet with tiny outfits for her then soon-to-be grandson or granddaughter. Her excitement was converted into endless hours spent in the Gap, finding adorable outfits and catching great deals. I we were going to have the best dressed baby in town.

I thought my mom was crazy when she dropped off a plastic, storage tub filled with clothing from the Gap. Before I had the chance to scream politely inquire about how much she spent, she responded with a smirkish, "Just look at the tags." And I did. Each tag was slashed, marked down, or lower than the original price. There were outfits that came in under $10, including the socks and a bib. I was amazed (and a little upset that she didn't think of me while shopping at the Gap) at all the prizes. And for that reason alone, we continue to shop at the Gap for Kaden and Mariah.

Here are a few of my savvy shopping tips for saving money while shopping for kids’ clothes:
  • Start in the back of the store. This is where the sales and clearance racks tend to be. You can find great deals on several pieces. Sometimes, customers return items and the prices can go unbelievably low because the item is out of season, or from an older line. 
  • Purchase essentials and build on them. Some items are staples for a kids' closet. You should purchase jeans and sweatpants from the Gap Outlet. These are two pieces that can be worn over and over again. All you have to do it buy a few t-shirts and you will be set for days at a time. 
  • Size Matters. We know how fast children can grow. Don't be afraid to buy the next size up for your child. Nothing is worse than buying an outfit to wear one time only. A bigger size allows you to get more wears and leaves room for minor shrinkage from the washer and dryer (if any at all). 
  • Don't get Spendy on Trendy.The Gap is known for classics - khakis, denim, polos - and then they mix in a few trendy pieces with amazing patterns. Instead of going crazy with all the cute prints and matchy-matchy items, mix things up. Go for the stripey polo shirt instead of the plain white. Maybe buy the purple jeans to go with the plain top. Don't let the trends suck you in. Stay timeless, just like the Gap is known for. 

So, what's the big deal?

What makes the Gap so special?

Why are you telling me about a great sale?

What's in it for me?

Here are the details:

Starting today, Friday, September 11, 2009, the Gap Outlet is having a Semi-Annual Baby Sale with up to 40% off already low prices for newborn, infant, & toddler. 

Want to know where the nearest Gap Outlet is in your state? Check here.

Want to know about all the latest deals, sales, and bargains at the Gap Outlet? Follow @GapOutlet on Twitter. I do, and even won a $25 giftcard for tweeting along with them.

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Gap Outlet - Semi-Annual Baby SaleTwitterMoms Exclusive: Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale Savings!

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If you just can't wait, and are headed to the Gap Outlet right now, don't forget to print this 10% coupon to take with you to save even more off of already low prices.

Hope you find some great items. I am sure I will. Happy shopping!

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