Bases Loaded

10:57 AM

Kaden has said, "So long" to baseball. He started playing at the wee age of 4. He loved it at first - the ball was resting on a T and it couldn't get any easier. We thought for sure he would be take to baseball, but it never happened. He moved up to machine pitch. It only took one ball hitting him in the side to say, "I don't want to play anymore." Even after several prep-talks, go-get ums, and frequent bribes to the ice cream parlor, Kaden was convinced he would not play again.

Lucky for us, there are photographic memories housed on several hard drives and memory cards.

Here's a look at Kaden at his very first T-ball practice:

Today, his bases are loaded - just not on the baseball field. He stays busy with schoolwork, playing other sports, and other normal child activities.
If he ever decides he wants to return to baseball, the opportunity is there. For now, I'll just click the play button on endless hours of footage from his days as a T-baller. I can't help but smile each time I do so.

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