Wordless Wednesday

1:46 PM
Sunday was Beach Day. It was Operation Staycation at it's finest. We only had to travel one county over to enjoy the sand, water, food, and great conversation. As always, the family photographer was there to capture every moment. Keith is slated to launch his photography website soon. Be sure to follow his blog, Keith Estep Photography. The following pictures were all captured by him:

So what if I look like Nicole Richie, lol.

Postcards from Maryland.

Mariah showing off her beach bod.

Iyana catching the cool breeze.

Kaden and Mariah toying around.

It's time to show off your latest photos that you love. Post them up, and don't forget to put captions so we can all enjoy them even more. See an example of the last photo blog hop here: http://www.mcklinkyblog.com/2009/07/mcklinky-photo-blog-on-tuesday-sample.html Also, if you would like me to consider publishing your photos in SeriousLife Magazine (www.seriouslifemagazine.com), submit them here:

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. Great pictures!! Looks like everyone is having fun.

  2. Ahhh the beach. Am loving it!

  3. Great shots. Isn't summer fun? I'm so wishing summer would stay longer.

  4. Great summer shots! Stop by! http://psychicmamaindigochild.blogspot.com/2009/08/wordless-wednesdayangel-unaware.html


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