Texting While Dining

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The other day, Kaden and I had lunch together. He chose Chinese, so I obliged and dragged myself to House of Eggrolls (I totally made that up). Once there, we were greeted by a rambunctious crowd of employees from near-by establishments. They were in groups:
  • all women
  • business suits only
  • secret office affair
  • I hate my job
  • let's make a deal
  • I'm the boss
  • lunch's on me
  • the loner
  • Kaden and I did not fit into any of these, so we made our way to the back of the restaurant away from all the madness. Because of the small window of opportunity for "All-You-Can-Eat" perks, people were trying to use every minute of the two hours allotted (most of those minutes were spent talking and not eating). We didn't waste anytime. We got up, got our plates, and began searching for the cure for hunger...food.

    Kaden ate rice and broccoli. It is his absolute favorite. I suggested he let me make this at home next time so we could avoid spending unnecessary money. I was informed that my "cooking does not taste the same" as the food we were devouring. I didn't take it to heart, and agreed completely with my son's observations.

    After several plates of calorie-infested dishes, Kaden and I sat at the table stuffed. We drank loads of water to offset our gluttony. As the minutes passed, several people checked their watches and began to pull-away from the table. Lunch time was officially over.

    While waiting for the check, which came to a little under $15, I pulled out my Peek Pronto. I won it from Momlogic back in May, along with a 3-month subscription of service. It has been a great gadget. I am able to check email, text, and tweet from my Peek. I love it, but Kaden despises it...especially at lunch.

    He told me, "Mommy, no texting or email while we're eating. Okay?!" And just like that I shoved it into my purse.

    I couldn't help but notice all the others around me. There were Blackberry devices and other gadgets that had the capability to text and email. In between nods, laughs, and quick glances out the nearest window, several people were texting while dining. I couldn't help but wonder what was being typed.

    "Did you see what she wore today?"

    "Can't wait to see you tonight!"

    "What are you doing?"

    "Did you cut the A/C on before you left the house?"

    Simple messages with complex levels of rudeness. Here you are suppose to enjoy the company of those around you, but you have somehow manage to bury your 'social skills' in the inhibited stretch of a few characters. How rude (as Stephanie Tanner would say on Full House)?

    What is so important that we must answer an email, a text, or a phone call in that very instance? Nothing. I am beginning to take my own advice and stepping away from all devices while dining.

    However, this is still a work-in-progress. A girl can't completely ignore all her messages. How else am I going to see when Oprah emails me to appear on her show?

    I won't hold my breathe (or Peek) on that one!

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