Superwoman, Eh?!

8:57 PM
Are you, or aren't you?

Does it matter if you really are?

As women, mothers in particular, we try to be every one's everything. In the end, you'll only discover that what you're doing now is already SUPER.

Que the music.

One of my favorite songs is by Alicia Keys. Ironically enough, the title of it is Superwoman.

The official video depicts several women, all played by Alicia, in various roles. There is the mother on welfare, the leader of a village, the career-oriented woman, a queen, and an astronaut. They are later revealed as real-life women who have gone on to become great contributors to the world (Jada Pinkett-Smith is one).

The message is great - We can be whatever we want to be. I've heard this from the time I was a child.

But, what happens when what/who you are is not enough? At least to society that is.

I have not completed college.
Does that make me worth any less than someone who has? Technically, yes. In order to get a high-paying job and further advance your career, a college degree is essential. Sure there are people without college degrees who have obtained positions that bring in enormous profits, but this situation happens far less than it appears. Finishing school is important to me. I just have to find the right time to do so. It would help if I stop switching majors. I am halfway finished to become a teacher or a business woman. Aren't we all owners of this title anyway?!

My relationship with God is not strong enough.

This is where you lose some people. No one likes to talk about religion. We all have our own beliefs, so I think it is only fair to share them instead of imposing them on the 'non-believers'. I grew up in a Catholic household. My grandmother is a devout Catholic. She reads her Bible every morning, prays on her rosary beads, and has a picture of the Pope in a frame (next to Barack Obama, LOL). I was taught to honor the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. I did. I have. I am. However, my relationship with God is not nearly as strong as it should be. I have been absent from His house. I am hoping to reconnect and begin my spiritual journey. This may consist of losing a few people along the way, but hopefully gaining a lot more.

I don't set enough boundaries for my son.
He has no clue what a bedtime is. From the time he was born, Kaden has been a night-owl. My motto has always been, "As long as he doesn't complain about being tired, I'm okay with him being up late." It has dawned on me that a lack of sleep can hurt him in the long run. It may effect his school work, his level of alertness, and his ability to concentrate on simple tasks. We are working on it...slowly. He also drinks too much soda, talks back frequently, and watches a lot of television. I'm sure your child does none of the above (insert sarcastic undertone).

The house is dirty for a few weeks at a time.
I don't remember my name being Joan Cleaver either. I find it daunting to walk into a house that resembles the atmosphere of a museum - everything is in place and do not touch signs plastered on the walls. The inside of my house looks like an unannounced hurricane whipped through it, and the only thing salvaged was the big screen television (you know, the important things in life). I leave the dishes piled in the sink, sometimes growing foreign objects on the surface. I only vacuum when I notice a trail of ants. I hide things in the closet when company comes over. The laundry creeps up the wall. The fridge has 'sticky-stuff' on every shelf. And there is bound to be an object on the floor that will pierce the outer layer of your foot when you step on it (i.e. Lego, tack, staple, hair pen, missing piece from a toy).

It's looking like the letter S would be better defined as Successless...only if you let it. Here is why I think know I am a Superwoman:

  • I have not completed college, but I still have time. I am a great student - always offering great ideas, participating in discussions, and creating new ways to think.
  • He forgives. He died for us. He will never forsake us. I just have to give myself to Him. I know I will be accepted. I don't say OMG for the fun of it. He is MY GOD too.
  • Kaden is an excellent student. Does all his homework for the week on Monday so he can have more time to play. He's a kid after all. That's what they do. As long as he is respectful of others and their feelings, I can handle what he does 'behind closed doors'. We've all tested our parents. I still do. I also drink too much soda, can be a little mouthy, and go online way too much. He's just mimicking what he sees. We can be examples for each other.
  • Our house is a home. We LIVE in it. When I do clean, I clean. Sometimes I manage to find a few items to donate or take to the consignment shop. Everyone is welcomed in our home, even if you have to clear a space on the couch in order to sit. Hey, at least I won't ask you to take your shoes off.
I am making light of the situation, but it weighs heavily on my mind each day. No one wakes up and thinks, "I want to be the worse person I can be today." We all begin our journey with goals, dreams, and aspirations. Some we complete, others we forget, but most we think about each day.

I'm no less of a person - a woman, a mother, a friend, a daughter - because I have failed at a few of life's tasks. We all have something to give. And that is SUPER within itself.

As Alicia said, "Even when I'm a mess, I still put on a vest with an 'S' on my chest. Oh yes, I'm a Superwoman. Yes I am. Yes she is."

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