Skating to Perfection

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Remember the good ole days when family, friends, and complete strangers would all gather at the local rink to enjoy a day of skating? I do. In fact, I use to skate all the time. Sometimes 'til the wee hours of the morning.

I was never an excellent skater. I managed to escape several collisions, tumbles, falls, trips, and any other form of embarrassment. I had my share of bumps and bruises too. I was smart enough to know that tiny shorts and skirts were not the proper attire for skating (others weren't so lucky to gain this wisdom). I also knew that knee pads were not stylish, so I would have to suffer in the name of fashion. In a way, looking stylish when you fell took away from the fact that you even fell at all...sort of.

Here's a picture from years ago of my family and I at the skating rink:

My how time flies. We look like babies.

Since this outing, we have all been skating again. Kaden was a little put-off by the constant falling aspect of skating. I tried to explain to him that skating required practice and patience. As we know, that means nothing to a child filled with mixture of determination and frustration. Watch Kaden attempt to skate. It's nerve-wrecking to watch (he was 4):

I am proud to say that Kaden no longer needs my assistance while skating. He has mastered the sport in his own can't-nobody-hold-me-down type of attitude. In a few years, he'll be skating to perfection.

At least away from the wall. Perfection is pushing it.

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  1. Good for him! Love your socks in the pictures, by the way, they're great.

    Following you from MBC...


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