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While sorting through mail the other day, I realized that Kaden has way too many school pictures. I know it's important to capture each year through the eye of a camera lens, but I always forget to pass his pictures out, thus wasting money.

I found an old school picture of me. You can tell it was the 80s because of the stonewashed denim backdrop. I also never understood why the picture company, or the school for that matter, allowed students to take their pictures after recess. The hair, the knees, the ego...all ruined. Of course, my mom says I look cute. Take a look:

I'm dressed in all peach (scrunchie to match) with patent shoes (Oaktown 3.5.7) and almost-knee socks. If this isn't fashion at it's finest, then I don't know what it is.

Kaden always has the same get-me-out-of-here smile. His lips are always dry (even though I tell him to moisturize before his picture). And he positions his eyes like he's just been caught in headlights. Of course, his mom says he looks cute. Take a look:

I'm sure there will be several years of not-so-perfect pictures to fill the frames at our house and others who are blessed with his portraits (LOL). Maybe at his graduation I can make a poster with all his grade school pictures that reads, "You'll always be my baby!"

Not sure he's going to like it much. At least he didn't have to wear all peach. What were you thinking mom?!

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