Rock of Ages 80s Hair

10:47 AM
The year was 1981. I was born on a Sunday evening in February. In fact, my mom says she went into labor watching the 1976 horror classic, "Carrie". Not sure how I feel about this, but I do know it would have been a horror to see this hair:

Titian Hair at it's finest

Pretty scary, huh?!

In the 80s, I was just a little girl who thought life was all about riding bikes, playing with dolls, and climbing the trees in my backyard. I was far removed from the phenomenon called rock n' roll. However, I was hip to all the fashion and hair because I had plenty of older relatives who participated in this movement. I'm talking neon, fishnet, aqua net, and hair for days.

While I was literally a baby, I can appreciate any era that birthed music such as the tracks found on the Rock of Ages soundtrack.

Thanks to the One2One network, I am participating in a Rock of Ages – Hit Me With Your Best Shot Contest (Your best shot of your worst ‘80’s or ‘90’s rawk hair moment, that is!). Although this is a picture of me in costume, I am pretty sure I would have RAWKed this style due to my lack of great judgement.

You can help me WIN!

If you see me tweet, please visit the flickr group and leave a comment on my photo.

The tweet will be along the lines of:

I can take it. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and tell me how much you love my #RockofAges #80s hair.

This is going to be a fun ride. So come on, let's rock-out with comments.

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