I'm Dreaming of A Baby Girl

The strangest event keeps occurring during my nightly slumber...I give birth to a beautiful, baby girl. She is my own. Very tiny, overly adorable, and unbelievably sweet.

I often speak of Mariah (my goddaughter), and while I love her to pieces, she is not biologically mine. I am fully aware that a child does not have to share your blood (although Mariah does) in order to claim the title "mommy" or "daddy". However, one cannot deny the connection, the bond, and the love felt for a child who is physically a part of you.

I keep wondering if this dream is suppose to become a reality. I dream of winning the lottery, clearing all my debts, and moving to a secluded island surrounded by clear, blue water, but I know that will never happen.

What makes this dream so convincing?

A baby does. I know how to conceive one, so the thought is not as far-fetched as becoming an overnight millionaire. My only question is, "Why now? Why the explosive visions of a baby girl (dressed in a fancy pink paisley dress might I add)?"

I rarely question my dreams, but for the last couple of nights I have experienced an epiphany. It's as if my memories of mothering an infant have been reincarnated. And while I'm not quite sure where the sudden stream of maternal moments are headed, I am willing to ride the wave.

This could just be one of those silly phases we all go through. The only difference is, if true, I will grow-out of this phase...in the form of a child, literally.

*For the record: I am NOT pregnant. As much as I love my readers and subscribers, I hardly think I will reveal the news on my blog first.


  1. Hello Love, Pay attention to your dreams!

    Email me please!

    Cheers To You And Yours,
    Kelly Lynch Ring

  2. * Visiting from MomDot.com
    Great Blog!
    Good Luck Babymaking!

  3. ooooohhh girl that's your internal clock ticking! LOL! I actually had dreams of a baby boy the first month I conceived my son. Don't know which came first though, the dreams or the pregnancy. I didn't know I was pregnant yet, or why i was having these dreams, but sure enough, a few weeks later I took a test I was pregnant.

    ((hugs)) I hope you get that beautiful baby girl some day... and I can't wait to see the pictures! She will be gorgeous! Just like her mommy!

  4. Good Luck!

    Please tell me how can I have some of the same dreams....winning the lotto, debt free, another baby girl


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