The Emancipation of MiMi

3:43 AM
That would be Mariah. She has tons of nicknames. I have called her Daisy from the time she was born. Her first professional photo shoot was at the hospital. The border on the frame of her picture read, "A Flower in the Garden of Life". So, Daisy just came to mind. I actually like the name. It's playful and girly, just like Mariah.

When she was born, I was so excited. I have always had a thing for girls, but my relationship with her was different. Her parents, her father being my first cousin, asked me and Ian to be her god parents. I remember getting the call. I was sitting in the parking lot at Bowie State University, studying for a final for my philosophy class (the news must have been a good luck charm because I aced my test and the class). I almost cried, in fact I know I cried, after I ended the call with her father. It meant a lot to know that someone thought so highly of you, enough to make you a permanent fixture in their child's life. I knew my relationship with Mariah would morph into something magical. And it has.

Often time you'll read on this site about my 'daughter'. Well, Mariah is my daughter. Technically, we share the same blood. We spend lots of time together. She cries for me when she's not with me. I have her clothes tucked away in a drawer at home. We sing songs together. She tries on all my jewelry. I kiss her way too much. We like to make videos for this blog. She is a fashionista in training.

I love her like my own.

She has become a part of the family. I received confirmation of this when I folded laundry the other day and noticed the massive pile of pink apparel. Even more so when I step on one of her colorful toys, or discover a half-bitten cracker under the couch. She loves to sneak snacks.

I love the way she chases Kaden around. I love how gentle Ian is with her. She makes me smile and cracks me up with her rendition of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

The truth, she's growing up. It hurts me to know that I am only in her life part-time. But it excites me to know that I am responsible for shaping her world.

I cannot wait to see the emancipation of MiMi.

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