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Before I know it, Kaden will be heading to high school. Yeah, Yeah, I'm jumping the gun here, but I still haven't come to grips with the fact that I'm the mother of a second grader. Where did the time go? Pretty soon he'll be asking me for the car keys or introducing me to his 'friend'. Before I brew up a plan to keep him a little guy forever, let's talk about more important things...FASHION!

My mom told me that she nearly lost it when I started dressing myself. She wanted me to have the freedom of expression, but just couldn't get over the idea that I no longer wanted my lunch box to match my coat. I mean, what was I thinking? What child could resist the chic style of a Strawberry Shortcake lunch box and a red coat to go along with it? How dare I be so ungrateful. NOT!

I have my share of battles with Kaden when it comes to fashion. I want him to tap into his inner Kanye West on some days. Other days, well, it's whatever we can find on the floor to wear. Because he is getting older, and growing taller, I decided we should take on a new level of confidence and sophistication. You know, get our Tyson Beckford on. Kaden is not only going to perfect his handwriting this year, he is also going to work on his style.

The most important aspect of style is the ability to look put-together without spending too much money. I am extremely frugal when it comes to shopping. Some of my favorite pieces come from thrift shops and consignment stores. I like the idea of finding pieces that are affordable and unique. I don't necessarily want to stand-out from everyone, but I also don't want to get lost in the crowd either.

Take a look at some of these looks that I put together for Kaden:

Look #1 ~ Skater:

Walmart Faded Glory - Boys' Graphic Tee and Vest Set ($10)

Old Navy Boys Skater Jeans ($24.50)

Journey Kidz Tween Converse All Star Lo Top -
Blue Plaid ($39.99)

Look #2 ~ Preppy:

GAP Shawl collar sweatshirt ($29.99)

Walmart Faded Glory - Little Boys' Patchwork Plaid Shorts ($6.50)

Target Kids' Converse® One Star® Skate Oxfords - Blue ($27.99)

Look #3 ~ Sporty:

JCPenny Arizona® Zip-Front Hoodie ($14.99)
Arizona® Zip-Front <span class=

Gymboree Navy Athletic Stripe Pant ($22.75)

Journey Kidz Youth/Tween Osiris Bronx ($59.99)

Not bad, huh? Tell me, which outfit is your favorite?

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