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It's the final stretch. In 5 days, Kaden will be sitting inside his new classroom embracing the school year with excitement and anticipation. He has already expressed his dislike for school over the last few days. I find it hard to believe he would feel this way since he has excelled tremendously over the years. I'll just put it in the 'it's a phase' category with all the other outrageous things I have been exposed to since his birth.

From the age of 3 (turned 4 months after), Kaden has been in school. He started off taking classes 3 out of 5 days each week. I was never really one of those parents who was reluctant to let my child go to school. I knew he would be fairly close to home, he did not have to take the bus, and the staff was comprised of members from our immediate community. He was in good hands.

Both his Dad and I decided to take Kaden to school on his first day (which is a big no, no if you plan on getting in and out in less than 10 minutes). Even after visiting the school during the registration period, we wanted to make sure it was still a perfect fit for our son. One of the main attractions was the christian-based curriculum. Kaden would learn about his religion and gain vital information about his education as well. We figured, if anything, he would know God even if he struggled with his ABC's. Lucky for both him and us, he knows both of them (thanks to the grands for continuing to educate him).

At the end of Kaden's first day of school, he was excited. He was happy to see his mom (I picked him up from school while Ian was at work), and had so much to tell me. He would go on to meet new friends with whom he has continued a relationship with, even though they all attend different area schools now. He also had a song, a story, a picture, and all sorts of adventures to share each day he hopped into the backseat.

I felt at ease knowing he was happy. It was also great to see that his classroom was composed of a few students, which meant they received a great amount of attention from their teachers. The best part was the affordability of the school. We had to call the school to confirm there was not a misprint on the registration form. Not complaining, just perplexed at how a school could be so affordable, near-by, and stimulating without breaking the bank.

The most important lesson I learned from Kaden's first day of school was to let go. Although I became teary-eyed as his classroom door closed behind us, and he was on the other end enjoying himself, I realized he was okay without his parents. Kaden was taking on a new chapter in his life (all three years of it). He was becoming his own person. We had to let him grow, let him learn, and let him fly.

Each year provides a new adventure for both the student and the parent. Remember to approach back-to-school with great energy. You need to provide ample wind for your sail, so that you can glide through the year without falling off course and drowning in frustration. Show your kids that education is important and they will learn to appreciate it more. It's the one thing we can all give to our children that will ultimately help shape the lives of several people for years to come.

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