Vote For Me: HomeAway® Save Our Summer

This post will remain a STICKY until July 16.

It's finally here. Voting will begin at 1 PM Eastern time. One lucky person/family will win a $10,000 vacation to anywhere they desire. But it's up to YOU to help that person win.

To save you from all the extra details, you can enter by clicking here:

Everyone else can read on.

I have entered this contest. As much as I would like to say I have some sob story, well, I just really need a vacation. Believe it or not, we have never been on vacation as a family. We've gone to Myrtle Beach a few years ago, but it was never together. One year Ian could not take-off from work, the next year I could not take-off. Blah, blah, blah.

What it all boils down to is this...I NEED YOUR HELP. Tell your friends. Post the link. Tweet it. Do whatever. I know I am always willing to help a fellow blogger out with their voting needs, so I am hoping you do the same.

Now here's the not-so-fine print:
  • Out of 1300 or so entries, only 15 will move on to the next round of judging.

  • The “Public Voting Period” takes place from 1 PM EST, July 2, 2009 to 12:59:59 pm EST July 16, 2009;

  • To vote, go to during the Voting Period to view the summaries posted. I believe this is my actual link:

"Are We There Yet? No! We Haven't Even Left!" by Keonte S

I really appreciate you taking the time to support my efforts. Vacation is an important aspect of building a healthy relationship with your family. While I make fun of my efforts to create a mini retreat in my own home state, I would continue to do it in a heartbeat. However, Hawaii looks a little more inviting!

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  1. Beautiful Blog! Beautiful children! What energy you have !

  2. You got my vote. I wouldn't be able to get away myself.

  3. I voted for your beautiful family. I was #19! Girl, I know what its like to pray for a vacation....fingers crossed for you!

  4. Thank you all for helping me out. If you ever need a VOTE, a comment, anything, let me know.


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