Under Construction

5:06 PM

I mentioned before how I wanted to change my blog. I cannot afford to pay someone to re-create my blog at the moment. So, I decided to delete my entire template last night and start from scratch. The rest is history. Let's just say, it's been a looooooong day filled with frustration and confusion. I have scratched my head more than any person should ever scratch in one sitting.

I am not a computer whiz. I know enough about java-script, html codes, and css to make the necessary adjustments. I don't know everything though. And I am finding that out with each error message I receive.

I am somewhat impressed with my skills. I created my own header using images from a great site offering them for free. I made all my buttons as well. The header and button were created using Paint.net. I know there are better programs that would have made the illustrations look ten times better, but I am satisfied for now.

The biggest change of all is the title of my blog, Mommy 2K. I chose this name because I feel it's a new age for women. I am not only a mother, I am also a student, a partner, a nurturer, a good listener, a best friend, and yada yada yada. I know the blogosphere is enormous, so I am pretty sure someone has this name. Oh well, they will get over it.

Please bare with me as I tweak my blog and repair codes that may not be working. This was suppose to be a weekend project. Something tells me it's more like a month-long project.


  1. OMG it looks amazing!! You did it all BY YOURSELF?!WOW, I'm very impressed! I need to pimp my own blog lol:)

    Best of luck!! It really looks fantastic!!

  2. I think you did an amazing job on your blog! It really is appealing and very clean yet fun!

  3. Thanks for the compliment. I am still trying to fix a few items here and there, like how to get rid of Bloggers comment box.

    I hope I am inspired each day to make my blog more inviting for my readers.

    Thanks again.


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