MomSelect and Suave "Shower Yourself Beautiful" Party

Days ago, I posted about the amazing campaign Suave was running. They chose Holly Robinson Peete as the face of this campaign.

Thanks to MomSelect, I, along with other amazing Women of Color, where chosen to host or giveaway a great line of Suave products.

You still have time to enter to win great prizes. Head on over to"Shower Yourself Beautiful" with Suave® products. You may be a lucky instant winner. Good Luck!

When I arrived home, there was a large box awaiting me. If you know anything about me, you know I like receiving fun things in the mail. Here is what I was greeted with:

If you visit my home, you would have already seen Suave products filling-up my shower caddy. All the members of my family used Suave before this campaign was given light. It was a no-brainer for me to accept this invitation to host a party.

Living in the country, I decided to take my party outdoors. I wanted my guests to feel in their element. I promised a day of relaxation, great conversation, and good times. We assembled under a tree with the summer's cool breeze as our backdrop. Here is a look at our party:

The table was adorned with Suave products for guests to enjoy.

I used my martini glasses and filled them with crayons to color the bags, and paper to fill their goodie bags.

I used some of my necklaces as decorations and for guests to wear to feel beautiful.

Seemed like a good reason to I did.

Made sense to get a little 'spirited' too.

While the food cooked, guests colored their bags. Coloring helps you relax.

I used the pink paper from the box so guests could stuff their bags.

Even Mariah Showered herself beautiful.

Wild Cherry Blossom is her favorite.

Mariah is all smiles as she holds her Suave products.

For some reason, I have a few camera-shy guests who were not too keen about the whole put-my-picture-on-your-blog (party-poopers). They did answer my questions.

I asked guests:
  • How long do you take a shower?
  • Do you sing in the shower? If so, what do you sing?
Take a look at some video:

Guests were also given a piece of paper to come up with their own scent name. Here is what they wrote:
  • Chocolate Kisses
  • Minty Magic
  • CrazySexyCool
  • Rose Water
  • Tropical Passion
There were several great ideas. I am drawing a name out of all of the entries. One lucky person will win the Homedics Bubble Bliss.

Overall, the party was a blast. I had fun sharing ideas and unbelievable swag with my guests. It's amazing how a little relaxation can bring out the best in people.

Thank you MomSelect and Suave for this great opportunity.

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