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Change. It seems to be a running theme this year. The infamous 2008 Presidential Election harped on this idea, seeking the attention of millions of people, young and old, to do just that...Change.

A simple word can be so daunting. So haunting. And yet, so rewarding. Change can come when you least expect it. When you most deserve it. Or, when you never asked for it at all.

I CHANGED the day I became a Mother (at least I like to think so).

I am not speaking of drastic change, but that of a more subtle approach. My Change came in the form of my style.

Throughout my pregnancy, I was challenged to find a happy medium when it came to what I wore. I thought there was some magical rule that stated all expecting mothers should dress so that no one found them attractive. I gathered this to mean elastic-waste pants, enormous baby-doll tops, and the most hideous clogs in the world. I even subscribed to an overwhelming amount of sweatsuits (which I immediately got rid of post-delivery). No one would have ever guessed I was only 20 years old.

Thank goodness I had a few mirrors around. I was able to look at the mess I had made.

Now that I am a mother, I have found a way to preserve my youth while maintaining my love for fashion. Here is what I wear to create youthful, mother-like outfits:

  • Dressing up a white-cotton shirt with a beautiful necklace

  • Sporting leggings with a great pair of metallic, ballet flats

  • Taking a vintage blazer and layering it over a retro t-shirt

  • Wearing my favorite heels with my favorite jeans and a simple top

  • Placing a belt around a dress to add life to it

  • Making sure my sweatsuits are stylish and colorful, not frumpy and old

  • Pairing a scarf with my favorite top to make it POP

I have discovered that I can create looks that are mature and chic without losing my fun personality to an outdated wardrobe. I know that my skirts have to be just a little longer, my tops less revealing, and my heels just a little shorter (down from 4 inches to 3.75, lol).

Fashion has been my biggest change and transformation. I have gained a new confidence knowing that I still have 'it'. It is funny to show-up to my son's school and have some of the staff wonder if I am the sister or the mother. I proudly state that I am the mother.

If only they knew the lack of effort it takes to add a piece of jewelry to an outfit before you head out the door. If only they spent 5 extra minutes looking for a dress and passing by the sweats. If only they realized that the most important thing in life is change, for once they may be able to experience their life in FULL BLOOM.

Just like ModCloth's new site and their Terrific Transformations Contest taking place, I am excited about what the future holds. After all, it was CoCo Chanel who said, "Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” I am fully aware of what I am working with. It is not my intention to become something that I know I am not. I want to work with what I have, but make it better.

Becoming a Mother has been a Terrific Transformation for me.

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