I, Kea, Love IKEA

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Most of my family and friends call me Kea. I'm not just making it up to create a cool post title. Almost everyone wants to spell my name with an 'i', but I always remind them my nickname is spelled with the letter e (my gov't name is Keonte'). Got it.

This post is about my love for IKEA. I love their designs, prices, stores, food, and whatever else they decide to create in the future. I could literally spend an entire day roaming purposelessly down their aisles of affordable housewares. And I have.

When Kaden made the transition from the toddler bed to the big-boy bed, I wanted to furnish his room with items that would carry him through several years. I did not want to get all theme-y (no, it's not a word). Instead of wallpaper and murals and all the fru-fru items that make up a bedroom, I decided to go with neutral furniture that could easily adapt to any bedding and decor.

IKEA came to mind immediately. I went on a vicious hunt for a special line known as the "LO" line. All the items have an adjusted height for little people, while providing the sophistication of adult furnishings.

always has affordable items. However, I did not want to pay retail. I have said it several times before, I am el cheapo. It must have some form of discount before I will purchase a product.

I found the bed on eBay. I was skeptical at first because I did not want a bed that did not include all the appropriate hardware. I also was worried about the condition of the bed- was it dented, worn, deadly, infested with bugs, etc. Because the bed was on eBay, I could expect the shipping to be outrageous. However, I was lucky enough to find the bed less than 30 minutes from our home. I could simply pick the bed up.

After days of watching and bidding, I lost the battle with another user on eBay. I had spent close to a week watching this item, and strategically planned to 'go in for the kill' at the last minute with my highest bid. I guess another user had the same idea because they won the bed at $150. Bummer!

As luck would have it, the seller never payed for the item. Because I was the next highest bidder, I was given first dibs on purchasing the bed. I won it for $75, which the seller kindly reminded me, "You are getting such a deal." Isn't that the purpose of eBay?

Here is Kaden's bed:
I love this bed because it can be positioned in three styles (Ian did not agree. Took him over 2 hours to put the bed together). The one pictured is how Kaden has his bed. It allows for room underneath for his friends and him to play. I even attached Velcro to the bottom area to create a hideaway, if you attach cloth to it. This area also comes in handy when we need to clean-up. Just shove the toys under the bed and no one will ever know :)

I was hesitant to purchase this bed because of the negative publicity surrounding it. A nine-year-old girl accidentally died when she was found hanging from this bed. It was ruled that the girl's death was caused by a neck injury. IKEA has made several statements concerning the case stating that this bed passes all certifications required for bunk beds and this was an isolated event. Even still, I made sure I fully researched the bed before making the purchase. After all, we encounter several products on a daily basis that could easily cause an accident. And I would never compromise my family's safety intentionally.

Kaden loves his bed. His friends do too. For some reason the bed makes watching movies more exciting. They appear to have a sense of authority as the tower over anyone who enters the room. The bed isn't too high, so if someone was to fall, it would bruise their ego more than their body.

To top off this great find on eBay, I was able to complete the set with items found on Craigslist. I always use Craigslist with caution. I take someone with me at all times, and never pick-up an item at night. I was fortunate to have my parents go with me to pick-up the remaining pieces for Kaden's bedroom. I was given another deal. The remaining three pieces from the "LO" collections were sold for $150 total. I did a happy dance for sure.

Here are the book shelf, chest of drawers, and armoire (they have a nautical feel with rope accents):

Eventually, I will have to get Kaden new furniture. When he hits double-digits, I am sure he will not want to have a bed with a fort beneath it. I can easily lower this bed and change the bedding.

I will continue to hunt for great bargains that do not compromise functionality, affordability, or design. IKEA is proving to be at the top of their game with all of these qualities. Besides, who wouldn't want to shop at a company whose slogan is, "Home is the Most Important Place in the World"?

I, Kea, agree totally!


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  2. Hi Kea,
    I found this bed on craiglist for $50 and didn't know anything about it. Now I'm excited to get it for my son. Thanks for the info!
    Los Angeles

  3. I just bought the same bed for my son for 30.00 and he loves it. We have a blanket over the top of it to make it look like a tent lol.


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