Trunk $ale

Update 6/30: The inside of my car magically gained some more items. At least this is a start. I did make a few bucks from consignment. All is not lost.

You've heard of a TRUNK SHOW. what about a TRUNK SALE?

Today, I cleaned out my trunk and the inside of my car. You are never going to guess what all was there.. Brace yourself, this could take a long time:

1. Houseware. A brand new HomeTrends floor lamp from Walmart. Three new Martha Stewart polished metal candlesticks. A new-in-plastic picture frame. Christmas cookie cutters. Plastic utensils and an unused package of plastic bowls.

2. Shoes. Six pair of heels, two of which are mismatched. Two pair of winter boots and a pair of Uggs which I wear in any temperature.

3. My Clothing. Not much here, but I found a brand new glittery scarf. I also discovered an amazing Isaac Mizrahi blazer from Target with the tags intact. It's the missing piece to my skirt.

4. Liquids. My fear of drifting off the road and landing in a ravine causes me to keep water in my trunk. I know about the whole carcinogens scare, but I figured it would be the least of my worries when facing death. I also keep water in the trunk in case my car runs hot. I even feed stale water to my house plants to take away some of the guilt from my wasteful habits. There was a Capri Sun with no straw, a Canada Dry on the verge of bursting, and an expired bottle of Simply Enjoy watermelon-flavored martini mixer (during the making of this post a neighbor stomped by an assured me it was safe to drink...I gifted it to him, lol).

4. Tools. All prepared for a snow storm, I had a shovel and brush/scraper at my disposal. There was also a dismantled emergency kit with everything from screws to fuses to red tape. All this and no jumper cables. Guess I should work on this.

5. Ian's Items. An enormous The North Face coat. Two bottles of cologne - Unforgivable by Sean John and Burberry Brit for men. Considering Ian has dreads and has his face professional shaved, I'll take credit for the unopened box of clippers. A girl may want to get her G.I. Jane or Sinead on.

6. Beach. All the way from last year, there were a few items for the beach. Towels, floating devices, an umbrella, a bucket, a boogie board, and lots of unwanted sand.

7. Toys and more. Kaden had two unopened DVDs-Transformers and The Toy. A box of walkie talkies. A Goosebumps book. A pirate sword. A Nike bag filled with equipment for baseball. a soccer bag with soccer slides inside. And whatever else.

8. Kaden's clothes. A pile of small clothing belonging to a once little man. Lots of army prints. We were going through a phase I assume.

9. Mail and docs. I found a scrap book I made in my college EDUC class. It is filled with pictures of me from birth to 2000. I found a confidential fax from the IRS, samples from Walmart, unpaid bills, magazines, and a gift certificate to a local spa. Pedicure, here I come.

10. Misc. This pile was inevitable. Every new layer that I unpeeled, I discovered a lip gloss, a piece of jewelry, a pen or pencil, or a hanger. I even discovered my TI-81 from high school. There was a poncho and umbrella for rainy days. The case to my glasses with one loose lens inside. And last, but certainly not least, a Bible nestled inside a floral carrier. God knows I need a little prayer to help beat this terrible case of disarray. Please bow your head for a moment of silence................................amen!

Whew! That was tiring just describing it all. I would say I am embarrassed to house such a mess in my car, but I,m not. We all have flaws. This is one of many that I have. I am a hoarder. Not to the extreme as some of the stories told on talk sows, but just enough to give Organizer Sandy a call. I'm sure she'll be glad to offer me some advice.

For now, I'll start with bids. Any takers?

Just kidding! I'm taking these wonderful treasures to the consignment store. Why not cash-in on my filthy, little secret? As they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure. I have someones pot of gold right in the back of my trunk.

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