Testing Mobile Posting

5:10 AM

I am trying to figure out mobile blogging. If you are reading this I have achieved my goal. Disclaimer: This post is being typed using my Peek Pronto (won at a party from MomLogic). At any given moment you may experience a grammatical or spelling error in which I will edit upon using a PC. This is a TEST. Do not hold it against me.
I have no idea why I have developed a new sleeping pattern recently. If I fall asleep before 11 pm, I am almost certain to awake in the middle of the night. You can usually find a random tweet from me around in the 3 or 4 o'clock block.
I am interrupted by the sound of the dryer. Ian needed his uniform washed for work. I did not expect the towels to take so long to dry. Thank goodness he remembered, or he would be greeted by wet clothes in a few hours.
My roommate is back, and by roommate I mean my son. He miraculously stayed-over 2 nights at his cousin's house. He normally declines invitations to stay anywhere, unless it is with his grandparents or aunts. He surprised both his Dad and I. However, he made sure his stay was not extended to 3 days. As I am typing this post I am admiring his long lashes. They are almost as impressive as Diane Birch's on her album cover. Needless to say, I am envious of them both.
School has only been out for a little over a week. Already I feel like I have exhausted my daily activities to do with Kaden. No matter how much fun we have during the day, the highlight of it is when his Dad comes home from work. They share a bond like no other. It's as though I am non-existent when they are together. I pretend to be mad, but secretly I am blessed that we are able to raise our son with a joint effort. Still, my heart aches just a tiny bit when they cuddle on the couch watching the Discovery Channel. Who knew a program on the hunt for a massive snake could be so bonding, lol!
Before I approach the 5 o'clock hour I want to talk about my reading giveaway. It ended at 11:59 PM on 6/17. I am disappointed with the results and I have decided to extend it until 6/20. I cannot believe a giveaway for children's books receives less entries than a shawl for a woman. This just helps make my point on the lack of excitement for reading. Show your child you love to read and they will catch-on. Kaden and I usually end our night by laying in the bed with a book. It helps us both fall asleep faster. Go enter the Summer Reading Tips with McGraw-Hill Giveaway and make your child a fan of reading.
My stomach is tricking me into believing it's time for breakfast, but I'm no fool. Okay, I confess. I am snacking on a Little Debbie's Fudge Round. This should work out well for my summer body. Who am I kidding? Summer will never see this body, unless it's in a SlimPerfect swimsuit. There is still time to enter that as well. Win an $100 gift card to purchase any item from the site. Oprah.com seems to think it's worth it. You should too.
It's officially 5:03 in the morning and I am calling it quits. This mobile posting isn't so bad. Of course I say this not knowing if it will actually work correctly or not. If not, at least I had fun typing. I'm sure somewhere in the world someone is pounding away on a keyboard, cellphone, or some other device in order to publish their next blog post. Let's hope for the sake of us all the post actually appears.
Goodnight, or morning, all!
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