Michael Jackson

8.29.1958 - 6.25.2009

As we watched the news last night:

Me: "Kaden, Michael Jackson died today."

Kaden: "I knoooow Mommy! I saw it!"

Me: "Okay! I just wanted to see how you felt because you were such a huge fan. I know you and Aunt Kinsey made an entire cd with Michael's song. Just checking to see how you feel. Are you sad?"

Kaden: "No!"

Me: "Angry?"

Kaden: "No!"

Me: "Then what are you?"

Kaden: "Nothing Mommy. Nothing."

Me: "Okay."

Minutes passed. I began to watch the Barbara Walter's Special on Farrah Fawcett. I, being a big baby, begin to tear-up.

Kaden: "Mommy, how many people died today?"

Me: "Lots of people died today. They are talking about these two so much because they are celebrities."

Kaden: "Oh."

Me: "You should say a prayer for their families. They probably need it right now."

Kaden: "Okay."

Me: "When are you going to release your Michael Jackson cd?"

Kaden: "That has to come out tomorrow."

I smile inside as we continued to snuggle on the couch. Finally Kaden falls asleep.


Kaden really has developed a thing for Michael. Over the last couple of months, he has mimicked Michael's moves, lyrics, and created a cd with his Aunt Kinsey covering his songs. His most recent favorite song, or shall I say lines, was from Keri Hilson, 'Knock You Down". Kanye West is featured on the song. Kaden's two favorite lines from Kanye's section are:

"This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson.

Now I'm mad, real mad, Joe Jackson."

MJ managed to touch even those who were born decades later. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

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