Reading Radar: Tate and the Race

I'm supporting a friend of a friend. Her mom is scheduled to release her first book titled, "Tate and the Race" from Tate Publishing.

Tate and the Race
by Lydia Diaz Briscoe

"The race was about to begin. Several of the kids looked at Tate and wondered why he was entering the race. Tate just smiled and got ready to roll.

There was a race to be won, and Tate had a set of wheels to enter the competition. There was no way that his wheelchair would slow him down! Follow Tate as he prepares for the big day. This heart-warming story becomes much more than a tale of winning, but it becomes a story of love, friendship, and forgiveness.

Join Tate as he rolls along, spreading cheer to those all around him!

First time author Lydia Diaz Briscoe works at a consulting firm outside of Washington, DC. For years she was an elementary school teacher's assistant, who loved working with children. She has always volunteered her time for various school-related activities while her two children were in school and continues to do so now in other venues. Lydia lives in Washington, DC, as do her two children, where they all enjoy spending time with family and friends."

36 pages - $7.99 (paperback)

You can purchase your copy of the book by clicking HERE. If you prefer a digital download for only $4.99, click HERE.

More information can be obtained by visiting the TATE PUBLISHING website and clicking HERE.

Lydia Diaz-Briscoe will be hosting her 1st book signing on:

Saturday, June 27th @ Borders Books

1201 S. Hayes St

Arlington, VA 22202


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