Oh Deere, It's John!

All summer long I have this brilliant idea to let the kids play outdoors until the sun goes down. It is my hope that the humidity will bring them all to a screeching halt and bedtime will run smoothly.

Since the age of 2, Kaden has been in love with Power Wheels. His first experience came in the form of a Harley Davidson. It was an homage to his Pop-Pop who rides one. I could never keep him off of it. I really did not want to, but he was so young, I spent most of my time steering him in the right direction. This became more work than play.

For his third birthday, he received a four-wheeler. It was faster, bigger, tougher. He was official, and more dangerous. Needless to say, we purchase safety gear right away.

At the age of four, Kaden received a John Deere Gator. This was everyone's favorite. Tractors and lawn mowers are a big deal in our family. If you knew anything about my parent's neighborhood, you would understand their intense love for cutting grass. I've never seen so many vertical and horizontal stripes strategically placed in my life. It was like a scene from a movie. More bizarre than exciting. It is definitely a 'man thing'.

I love the Gator because I can actually ride it. Sure I had to place my legs in a pretzel to operate the pedal, but it is worth it. For a few minutes I was able to revisit my youth, and remember just how old I was when my knees gave-out.

Now that Mariah is a little older, she is able to reach the pedal on Kaden's John Deere. Once again, I am left steering her in the right direction. But I wouldn't change one moment. At least I have complete control of this driving adventure. I am not looking forward to either one of them getting their driver's license. I'm waiting for the teenage version of Power Wheels. One that I can run after and control.

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