CVS/pharmacy Photo Book Review

Mariah is officially 2. She celebrated her big day with family and friends. She even has her own book of memories thanks to the CVS/pharmacy Photo Book.


I was looking for the perfect way to remember Mariah's birthday. Besides the normal picture-taking idea, I wanted to create a book for guests to sign and give it to Mariah as memorabilia. I found the perfect idea at CVS. It was a photo book from Kodak

The in-store books are ten pages long and can feature up to 72 digital photos, with up to ten additional pages available for purchase. They are printed on premium Kodak paper in one of three sizes, and can be designed in a matter of minutes at any in-store Photo Center. Customers bring digital media such as a memory card, CD or USB flash drive to their local CVS/pharmacy’s photo kiosk and select the “photo book” option, which automatically populates a book template with the selected photos. Pages are customizable by rearranging the pictures, changing the size of the photos, adding text and choosing from a variety of available backgrounds.  If you wish to get even more creative, you can arrange embellishments on the pages, thereby preserving your photos from wear and tear but still creating the detailed, layered effect of a traditional scrapbook!


·    4” x 6” holds 36 pictures - $5.99

·    6” x 8” holds 54 pictures - $12.99

·    8” x 10” holds 72 pictures - $14.99

I was given the opportunity to try-out the new Photo Book. It was simple. I uploaded my pictures from my camera's memory card to the Kodak kiosks at my local CVS. I selected the pictures I wanted to include in the Photo Book. All the directions are on the screen, and there is always someone near-by to offer assistance. After a few edits and adjustments (positioning the pictures, adding text, removing red-eye), my book was ready to print.

Each page printed out on quality Kodak paper. It was amazing how brilliant the color was. For a small fee of $12.99, I was able to create a perfect gift.

Check out the pages I made for Mariah's book.

They even give you a handy, little box to put your photo book in.

The entire book is assembled by a sales associate. You are just responsible for selecting the pictures and designing the book. It is so simple.

If you are interested in creating a book, find your local CVS and get started today. Make the memories last with a Kodak Photo Book.


  1. SO cute!! What a great keepsake to have, and inexpensive too.

  2. Nice Job, that looks nice and easy, very important for moms today quick and easy

  3. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  4. Do you do all this while standing at the kiosk? Can't you do it from the comfort of your own computer desk?

  5. @Anonymous

    I did for this particular review. I needed to show a picture of me at the kiosk. But you can do it from home.


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