Happy Father's Day ~ June 21, 2009

12:00 AM
Celebrate Commitment.

(Ian, on his lunchbreak, and Kaden on their way to DONUTS FOR DADS)

Celebrate Memories.
(Ian and Kaden, as a pirate, trick-or-treating on Halloween night)

Celebrate Life.
(Ian holding his baby boy on Christmas Day, only 1 day old)

Celebrate Love.
(Ian and Kaden sneaking off to share some time together...to text, lol)

Everyone has a father. It is humanly impossible to be here without one (unless you want to get all biblical). The debate begins when one decides how to define their father. Is he your Daddy, Dad, Da-Da, Papi, Poppa, or (insert his first name)? Whatever special name or bond you have with your Father, take the time to remember him. There are children who have yet to meet their Father because he is away at war. Some are left wondering who their Father is. Others don't care to meet their Father. But, like it or not, we all have one. Cast your differences and fears aside. Celebrate. Say it with me, "Cel-e-brate."

Besides, who can take anything seriously after seeing this face?

What are you doing to CELEBRATE Father's Day?

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