Game (Guitar) On!

8:46 AM
Is your child a gamer? Mine is.

He is not addicted. I've shared with you his love of books, so he has a happy balance of work and play.

The entire family enjoys games. We play the Nintendo Wii a lot as a family. And let me add, we are very competitive.

I wanted to share some footage of the kids playing Guitar Hero. Isaiah is a pro. Kaden rarely plays it, but when he does he likes to pick a Michael Jackson song. Mariah usually taunts the boys.

Take a look at this not-so-great video footage. Excuse the laundry!

Watch-out Jonas Brothers!

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  1. I've got a lot to say, so here goes:
    1. Thanks for joining my happy place; I love new friends.
    2. How old is your son? He can play Guitar Hero? Drat! Mine is 7 and he stinks @ that game. I was hoping it was his age, but I'm thinking it's more of a life sentence to a lack of rhythm. I blame his father.
    3. You look amazing! Like, who gets better looking as they age? I totally look fatter, dumpier, less trendy, and more dorky than I did as a younger woman. Kinda sad my high point was like 19; been straight down hill from then.
    4. I love Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Britney, Christina, all those chicks, too. I'll admit that I also love (really & truly) Justin Timberlake. But, I also have an unhealthy infatuation w/TI so I think I'm well rounded:)

    Okay, I'll shut it now:)

  2. (Am I the only one who responds to their own comments like this, lol. I need to invest in Gravatar.)

    I'm so blushing. You said a mouthful. It was all great. I must make the disclaimer that I did not pay you to say any of this!

    1. I'm trying to find new blogs and meet great people. Happy I found you!

    2. The little boy playing on most of the video is my cousin. He is only 5 and a true gamer. It's amazing to watch him. Hardly misses a beat.

    3. Thanks! You can think my frien M.A.C. for helping me look great. Don't be fooled...I wear sweats and sneakers throughout the week. I only glam-up when I go out.

    4. I LOVE MUSIC. Not a genre, just MUSIC. It doesn't matter who sings it, if it moves me, I like it. We share a lot of the same interest.

    So glad I found ya!


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