Update: Mariah's Virtual Birthday Party

Mariah's birthday is May 18. That is less than a week away.

As fate would have it, all my reviews and giveaways are suffering at the expense of final exams. The semester officially ended today. It doesn't help that my computer and internet were down either. However, I am not here to make that many excuses. I am going to work my hardest to get the contest up and running.

There have been a few changes. I will award one winner with a bunch of prizes. Sort of like a prize pack. I am still working on what prizes to giveaway. Throughout the day, I will announce on Twitter and my blog several live giveaways to enter too. Mariah wants to treat all the wonderful Mommies of the world. You will need to follow the guidelines to win.

I know it sounds complicated. Trust me, it's not.To get a headstart on winning, make sure you follow me on Twitter. My handle is @IamKeonte.

Leave your information below so I can follow you as well.

YOUR NAME: Twitter Handle
YOUR URL: url to Twitter page (http://www.twitter.com/username)

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