To Be Continued...

11:30 AM
This is what a face of shame looks like! Read on to find out why.

I've done a terrible thing.

I have failed to update my blog as often as I would like to (or by the blogger's code of ethics).

It has a lot to do with my lack of computer access. Normally, I would log on at home and sit in front of the computer and knock out all my posts. Now, I have to travel to the most inviting locations (at least I think they are happy to see me, lol) and beg, borrow, and steal their computer. Luckily, they all agreed.

Even with the aid of my family's computer, I still face an undesirable amount of zero productivity. When I need to do a review, I forget to bring an item with me. Or, I have a file that I desperately need on my computer's hard drive. By the time I get the nerve to post something meaningful, all my energy is gone and I no longer desire to write about anything. Absolutely nothing.

I normally head to my 'in-laws' (there's no official name for the parents of your boyfriend, unless I say my boyfriend's parents or my son's grandparents, but that is too much) immediately after I put my son on the bus. From 9 am to 3 pm I sit. Just me, the computer, and tons of motivation.

Suddenly, there is nothing. Not an ounce of inspiration. My to-do list stares at me like the dirty dishes I left in the sink over the weekend, but still I am not phased. Nothing can make me prop my chubby fingers on the keyboard and type. Not even the gigantic computer screen that is bigger than my son's television. Not even the calming sounds of jazz coming from my FIL's Sirius Satellite radio system. Not even the gorgeous view of flowers, greenery, or the great outdoors from the window. Nothing.

What I lack is confidence. The feeling that I can get it all done. I've already pissed tons of people off by delaying reviews, Mariah's virtual birthday party, and holding back on awesome prizes. Believe me, if I could have some magical genie appear that could help me write all these reviews and offer giveaways, I would kindly step aside and let her or him. This is no laughing matter. It is literally going to take a miracle.

All that I desire is for you, my loyal readers and subscribers, to be patient with me. I know you hate coming back to a blog that lacks updates, but it is my intention to give you what you deserve. It is almost equivalent to a singer who keeps pushing back their cd release date. You keep getting teasers of their favorite single, but you just want to buy the album already.

Well, I am in the studio working on my tracks. I only want to put out the best music my friends. I want to give you something you can dance to.

Until I find the time, inspiration, and motivation, please stick with me through all this. I promise I'll be back stronger than ever.

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  1. Can't speak for your other readers, but I am still here; not going anywhere.
    I feel your pain. I know how 'life' gets in the way sometimes.


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