Friendly's Sprinkle Vision

11:57 AM
Kaden and I had a blast at Friendly's. We were given a gift card and Sprinkle Vision glasses to start our adventure.

What exactly is Sprinkle Vision all about?

Friendly's is running a promotion where kids can come into the restaurant and search for hidden codes using their Sprinkle Vision glasses. Once the codes have been discovered, kids can go to:

and enter them for a chance to win some cool prizes. In addition, there are interactive games to play as well. 

We found a total of four codes during our visit. Each were comprised of ice cream flavors and numbers. We found 3 on the menu, and 1 on our server's button as we were heading out the door. Kaden had fun searching for the codes.

We initially thought each table had a unique code, but we were told all the menu codes were the same. This would have been great to know before Kaden went dashing from table to table in hopes of finding tons of codes. The restaurant was not busy, so we were able to do this without interrupting other customers. 

Friendly's even has amazing deals on meals for kids and $9.99 Create Your Own Meal. Both Kaden and I ate, and were able to get dessert. After using our gift card, our bill was only $6. What a great deal?

Kids are able to pick a Drink, a Meal, and a DESSERT. All for one, low price. 

Kaden decided on a Royal Razz for his drink. 
Mozzarella Sticks and Fries for his meal.
And topped it off with chocolate ice cream with
 melted marshmallows, fudge, and sprinkles. 

We left Friendly's feeling satisfied and completely full. All the codes we found, using our Sprinkle Vision glasses of course, were written down on  a piece of paper. When we arrived at home, Kaden visited the website and entered the codes online. 

The official rules can be found by visiting the Friendly's website. You can also click here to read them as well. Your child could have the chance to appear in their own commercial and win tons of free ice cream. If this is not incentive enough, I don't know what is. 

Hurry! Go enter now.

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