Fearless Friday

4:38 PM
I've had a rough couple of days, weeks, months. I'm not complaining, just being a little whiny. I have that right.

It's so cliche to think that we find strength in the moments of despair. I am not claiming to be Wonder Woman, but I will gladly accept the title at this moment in time.

I have been squeezing lemons all week and finally I have a glass of lemonade. Just enough to quinch my thirst. I hope you are keeping up with my methaphors. Could you really picture me squeezing lemons? I can't.

This Friday, I am fearless. And not because my son is once again with his Grands. I am fearless because I am accepting that my life is MY life. No need to compare. To covet. Be envious. I am taking this life of mine and bringing it along for the ride.

Mother's Day is this weekend and I want to celebrate by saying how thankful I am for all the struggles in life that have brought us all this far. Some people struggle to have children, so why am I upset over the fact that my computer and internet are down? This is minor in comparison.

If for some reason I do not log onto the computer this weekend, I would like to say:


and have a Fearless Friday.

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1 comment:

  1. Happy Mother's day to you! Beautiful post. :)

    You are so right. That which doesn't kill us will make us stronger, so long as we let it.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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