My Apologies :-(

11:29 AM
It seems as though my BLOG and COMPUTER both have the Swine flu. They have taken a deadly hit. I am in no way making light of the situation. Trust me. I know the severity of the situation being as though there have been deaths since its arrival. There were also 4 confirmed reports of the Swine flu in Maryland, with one of them being in the same county as I live. So, you can imagine I am following the news carefully.

I have not posted here is awhile. My computer and internet access are down. This makes for a very, grumpy me. The timing could not have been worse. I am at the end of my semester for my online courses. Also, Mariah's Virtual Birthday Party is getting closer with each day that passes. It has been difficult to get the reviews up, yet along get all the addresses and packages sent to the winners.

I need a pick-me up. Like a comment. Words of encouragement. Won't you please help me out?

I understand we all have days where it seems everything is crashing all at once. I, however, am having that type of month, and May is just starting.

Insert --> LOUD SIGH <--here. Thank you for having extreme patience with me. Thank you for still visiting my outdated blog as well. I promise things will get back to normal. Whatever normal may be.

My apologies!

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  1. Aw, that sucks. We're coming down with something here, too - my DH stayed home from work today, sick.
    Make yourself a nice drink, chill on the couch (or outside if it's nice - a bit of Vitamin D from the sunlight might help!), feel better soon!

  2. We all have those days...even months. Cheer up sweetie!

  3. I hope things turn around FAST and you have equally as much GOOD luck - all the stoplights turn green kinda day, ya know?

    Hang in their, you fans will stick around, no prob! :)


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