Everything is Just Beachy!

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on,
long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”
~ Anonymous

Kaden has loved the beach since he was a small boy.

It's the one thing I love about summer and great weather - the beach. It's the easiest way to have fun with your family. There is not a lot of thought and planning required. You can just pick-up and go. Bring some toys, a few light snacks, a towel, good book, and the most protective sunscreen you can find. I like to soak up the sun and leave the beach with a nice glow.

Last year, a local beach was our friend. We went nearly every weekend. There was a slight fee to enter the beach, but the small cost did not compare to the value of our adventure. Free picnic area, free grill, free volleyball, free hammock, free showers, free ocean, and you can even drink beer...freely. Now, if that is not a perk then I don't know what is (please remember to drink responsibly when near the water).

Living in Maryland, I have access to tons of great beaches. Of course there is the infamous Ocean City. This is always the go-to beach for Marylanders and is often flooded with recent high-school graduates. The mixture of people is great. Ocean City is always an option.

Then, you have Sandy Point State Park. It is one of Maryland's finest beaches along the Chesapeake Bay. Activities range from crabbing to boating to fishing to hiking. There is definitely something to do here. You don't even have to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

We spent most of our time at a local beach (only 30 minutes away) in Calvert County. It is called Breezy Point. It is not the most luxurious beach, meaning the water is kind of murky, but the children love it. I think the short car-ride is a big positive. Children just want to get to all the fun. We usually go after noon, and stay until the park closes. It is the easiest day.

I am working on plans for a family day at the beach. Because of Breezy Point's location, every family member is at equal distance, some just a five minutes away. I think it will be great to have all the children together to enjoy a great, inexpensive day at the beach. Besides, our last game of volleyball was heated. We are looking for a re-match...Olympic style.

The beach is clearly a great place to go. Be sure to check-out other great options for your family. It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money in order to have fun.

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