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Click play to listen to Ashlee Simpson's 'Autobiography' while you read. It's the soundtrack to this story, lol.

Corny, I know, but I couldn't resist the seemingly reference to Ashlee Simpson's popular song on her debut album. Yes, I'm a fan. Yes, I know. I'm not suppose to like her music. At least that's what my friends say. They tell me I'm 'different'. I'm 'unique'. It pains me to think that these words would shatter some one's esteem. But you see, this is where I differ.

I like being my own person. I don't care what the mags say about the latest trends. I still wear my Uggs regardless of their over-saturated appearance in the fashion world. If I want on blue eye-shadow for the day, then that's what I'll wear. I'm not concerned with how many sports my son is enrolled in. If he wants to "take it easy" for one season, so be it. I'm not trying to keep up with the Jones's. I don't care if you think a mother should look a certain way. Who made that rule? I will kindly have to break it.

See, what it all boils down to is being true to who you are. I am sure there was a time in my life (all 28 years of it) where I did things to please other people. I quickly realized this would be a difficult task to keep up. Not only would I have to defy my beliefs, I would also have to maintain an identity belonging to someone else. And that's not going to happen. At least not in this lifetime.

"Who is Keonte?," you asks. Well, where should I start. Oh yeah, 1981. Let's go on a pictorial journey.

I was born February 8 to a lovely mommy and daddy. My parents were young when they had me, so I can only imagine the difficulties they faced raising me. They named me Keonte' (Kee-on-tay). My name is sort of like the red wine, Chianti, but I hardly think they pulled inspiration from here.

Thank God
I am an only-child.

I had a great life growing-up. Heck, if it wasn't great, I surely wasn't aware of it. All I could remember was being surrounded by a large family with huge personalities. Women dominated in my family. We outweighed the men. Seems like I gained my independence early on in life by witnessing this noticeable imbalance of power. Nothing like Girl Power.

I was raised Catholic. Little Miss Innocent. From K through 8th, I attended C.C.D. (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) where I learned all the basic teachings of the church. I have since confessed all my sins. Lord knows the list was long. The conversations I've had with God are unbelievable. Lucky for me, He forgives. Thank Goodness! I'm the one with the box above my head in the group picture below.m

I've lived in the same area for all my life. Went to the same schools as my Mom and Dad. Even had some of the same teachers as they did growing up (not sure if this is scary or not). I loved high school. It's where I began to find my self. I created my identity. I was not an athlete. I was more artistic. I was in dance, a cheerleader, on the pom-pons squad, a morning announcer, a track & field manager, in the S.G.A, president of a club, and organizer of school assemblies. I was the homecoming princess every year, and was crowned homecoming queen my senior year. I was also "Best Dressed" and "Most Attractive". How's that for a high school career?!

High school Senior pic, 1999

I loved to dance. Check out my leap:

A collage of my high school days 1995-1999:

I was Homecoming Queen my senior year, 1999, 17 yo.:

High school is also where I met Ian, the love of my life and my future husband (T.B.D) ;-).

Ian left for college and things became a little rocky. Even though he was still in-state, our relationship changed. We kept in contact, but damaged a bond which was once unbreakable. I entered college a year later, hoping to take my mind off of love and focus on learning. This only held for a few semesters. Ian and I would soon rekindle our love...and welcome a new, baby boy on Christmas Eve.

He's growing-up so fast. Seems like yesterday we were having a photo shoot in the kitchen:

Life didn't begin when I became a became meaningful. I cherish all the memories I have been able to make with my family. I think we are blessed to have children, whether the arrive via natural birth, adoption, a surrogate, or a self-inflicted devotion to a little one. I happen to have an unofficial daughter named Mariah. Here are some pictures of her:

While all these people are special to me and hold a place in my heart for all eternity, they still do not define who I am. I am constantly evolving, finding ways to re-invent who I am or want to be. I like change. You will notice this through my constant hairstyle transformations. Take a look at me over the years:

Whew! That's a lot of change. But, I love being a different me all the time.

I have mentioned several times before how I like to dress-up, and wear fashionable clothing. My favorite article of clothing is a pair of jeans and pirate boots. I do not feel a mother should be confined to sweatpants and a t-shirt. Sure, I own a few of each, but there's no rule that says if I want to put on heels, I am less of a mother. My son is 7. It's not like I am chasing a toddler who's headed out the front door (unless Mariah is here). I've been walking in heels for years. Why should I stop now? I have also learn to appreciate the mall from the several trips I made with my Mom as a little girl. Some things just stick with you. Here I am again:

Some may find it daunting that one person can be in constant change, but this is what life is all about. I want to be that person who looks at my life and is able to define it in several ways. I don't only want to be know as a Mommy. I am not just an only-child. My employment status has nothing to do with my ambition. I am not any less because I am not married. My goals are still the same as someone who lives in the big city or grew up on a farm. We all set-out to make goals and reach them. No matter how, or when.

I am ME...and this has been my autobiography.

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