(Not-so) Wordless Wednesday

I know the idea is to not use any words, but this is my first Wordless Wednesday, so I get a 'free-to-do-whatever' pass. Besides, some of these pictures will need an explanation. I cannot just let your imagination run wild.

Here are some shots from our day at the White House for the 2009 Easter Egg Roll on April 13, 2009.

We took the Metro to D.C. The children were elated.

They waited patiently (and acted silly) for the Metro to arrive.

They were on their best behavior during the ride.

There was a lot of walking involved.

The children were able to see some great landmarks.

Upon arrival, we took a picture. We know who the clown is (my son).

We were soon greeted by a yoga display (looked more like sex at times).

There were tons of people at the Easter Egg Roll.

The children had their faces painted (their artist was not the best, lol)

Great sites on the White House lawn.

We had a glimpse of the First Lady's garden.

The Secret Service even watched over Sasha and Malia's playground.

The children posed with players from the Washington Redskins.
Isaiah (not pictured) refused to pose.
He and his Dad are die-hard Dallas Cowboy fans.

The children are tired of taking pictures by now.

I know you're looking for the picture of President Obama and his family, but there is none. President Obama, his family, and the rest of his administration opted to join-in on the early morning activities. We were the last group.

Overall, we enjoyed the day. The constant walking was the only complaint the children had. We appeased them with chips. That right, you heard it. Chips were the lifesaver of the day.

I have some video footage as well. For some reason it did not transfer well from my Vado. There is a huge green line on the bottom portion of it. Also, it's sluggish and I sound like a man. Can you tell me how I can fix it?

I am glad we were able to take the children to visit the White House. They may not appreciate it now, but one day they will be able to tell their children how they spent the day at the White House taking part in wonderful activities.

Looking back on the day, we actually had a blast.

I promise to use less words on my next Wordless Wednesday.

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