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Blogging is one thing. Creating friendships, making memories, and sharing stories is another. That's what WE Mommies do. We touch each other in ways that often go unspoken. We browse countless pages of a person's blog in hopes to connect with at least one element of their beautifully-written prose. And when we do, we are forever hooked. This was the case when I discovered THE SPOHRS ARE MULTIPLYING (now

I felt an instant connection to little Maddie. She was captivating and delightful. I discovered all this just by looking at her pictures. Her spirit was so evident on the blog. Whether it be the way her parents described their triumph over her premature birth, or the oodles of pictures taken of Madeline's every moment, it was apparent she was an angel.

Now, the Spohr's need your love more than ever. Madeline passed away yesterday. It is painful to even write the words, or even speak them. Please say a prayer for the family and those who are connected in any way.

Read a tribute to Maddie by her mother, Heather here.

The Tribute to Our Madeline from Mike and Heather on Vimeo.

You can go here for more information on Maddie (

In lieu of flowers, the Spohr's would appreciate a donation to the March of Dimes.

Celebrate Madeline's life, and not her death:
Great video footage of Madeline here.
Photos of Madeline are here.
Stories of Madeline are here.

Let us remember how precious life is. Take the time to LOVE...right now.

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  1. She was a beautiful angel. We are all so lucky we got to know her through Mike and Heather's talented and generous writing and pictures.

  2. I can't access the Sphors' blog right now, but I have something I would like to send them from our charity, CARE Package Inc., if you could get me an address for them? Thanks.

  3. Information on how to help the Spohrs can be found here:

  4. Oh, this just breaks my heart.... Thanks for posting all the info.


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