Did someone say "Marc Jacobs"?

There's something about the word 'EXCLUSIVE' that makes everyone feel special. The idea that only a certain group of people are invited to join a community, a group, or any other event undoubtedly makes your heart flutter. Someone may actually care about you (HUGS)! Ya think?

How quickly you lose your V.I.P. status once you start sharing links, 'inside' information, and other tips on how to get 'behind the velvet ropes'. I don't mind sharing. In fact, I love sharing. I mean, someone was kind enough to invite me to their group, so I should do the same.

I'm sorry to report my share is a bit on the shallow end. It has to do with shopping, an addiction I know many mommies face. I can attest. My Mom and I use to spend every Saturday at the Annapolis Mall. There were store associates who greeted us by name. Especially the girls in Bebe. Now, this is nothing to be proud of. But, again, it made us feel EXCLUSIVE.

Yes. They had a Louboutin sale...gasp!
When I was invited to join the Gilt Groupe, I was excited. The only way to even see what is up for sale is to be a member. And to be a member, you had to have an invite. Once I received my invite, I was amazed at some of the designers and the prices being offered for their items.

We're talking Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karen, and Vera Wang. Designers we could only dream about filling our closets with. The greatest part about Gilt Groupe is that they cater to women, men, and children. So now, your child can dress like little Maddox or Jaden Smith.

I know it seems ridiculous to spend lots of money on designer clothes, especially for children, but some of their prices are hard to pass. For instance, Gilt Groupe had a sale on 7 for all Mankind clothing for children today.

Take a look at the 7 for all Mankind sale for children (click to view larger picture):

You'll notice a SOLD OUT icon on each product. This happens because the sales are so great, most people purchase immediately so they do not miss a great deal. Some of the prices are still a little steep for my liking, but you cannot help but consider buying at least one designer item. I mean, a $98 denim jacket on sale for $49 is hardly bad when you consider all the ways the jacket can be worn.

Gilt Groupe holds sales for infants and toddlers as well. Some of the previous designers have included Kico Kids, Lola et Moi, Dwell Studios, and many more.

Yellow jacket (Kico Kids) Turquoise jacket (Lola et Moi) Baby Bedding (Dwell Studios)

All you have to do to be apart of Gilt Groupe is click on the link below:


Once you're done filling out your information, you're in. EXCLUSIVELY! You can even start to invite your friends, and then they can invite their friends, and so on. The cycle is never-ending.

Make sure you are up on all the sales. They start at NOON EST. Once you're a member, you'll receive invites to private sales. There is even a reminder you can set-up on the website so you'll never miss a great sale again.

Hope enjoy Gilt Groupe as much as I have. Makes me feel like a star :-)

If you want to treat yourself to even more sales, there is another great site called Rue La La. Again, you must receive an invite to join. Lucky for you, I have a link for you to join because I am already a memeber. Click on the link below to join. Be sure to fill-in your information in the boxes, not mine. Sometimes it pre-fills. Here is the link:

Enjoy your exclusivity. Happy bargaining!

This isn't exclusive, but how would you like an invite to RepNation? Just fill out your name and email for an invite in the form below. Thanks!

THE CASE: Making other's Gilty while shouting "Rue La La"
THE VERDICT: Guilty, lol!

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